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Re: [XP] Loosely coupled systems

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  • Phlip
    ... The scenario X breaks when we change Y is coupling. Just because X s across a wire from Y doesn t mean they are decoupled. ... Just a nit: TDD is
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 4, 2003
      Rick Mugridge sez:

      > We have a large number of servers, routers, etc etc that make up the
      > departmental network and provide various services. It is a system that
      > we depend on. But it is often broken by simple changes made by the
      > technical staff, often because they don't understand the whole.

      The scenario "X breaks when we change Y" is coupling. Just because X's
      across a wire from Y doesn't mean they are decoupled.

      > So rather than using TDD (ie Customer tests) to drive the development of
      > a system that changes through coding, it should work well to apply it to
      > reconfiguration of a loosely-coupled system, where it needs to be
      > monitored continually.

      Just a nit: TDD is Programmer Tests. Customers have them extended (or have
      them rewritten) to produce Customer Tests.

      Now the big question: Do you have this system entirely reproduced anywhere,
      as a reference implementation? Like one test machine, but with all the
      components running "distributed", and looped-back into each other?

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