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Re: [XP] Re: Open ended iterations/releases

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    From: ... When tuning a feedback-dampened system, there s a fine line between control and over-control. In Statistical Quality Control,
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 3, 2003
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      From: <cnett858@...>

      > I think the customer does not feel the fixed length iterations match
      > up with their business priorities/deadlines. By alternately
      > expanding and contracting the release, they can add/remove features
      > for the release that fit what they want to give to their customers.

      When tuning a feedback-dampened system, there's a fine line between control
      and over-control.

      In Statistical Quality Control, over-control is bad. Imagine if you operate
      the machine making ball-bearings, and you sample each batch and measure
      them. Now imagine if you respond to >every< sample by changing the machine's

      The machine's quality will wander all over the place. This is

      XP gives sufficient control and steering to the customer side. But the "2
      week iteration" rule falls under "sustainable pace" - it's on the
      developers' side of the Bills of Rights. If the customer can't get feature
      sets they can ship every month, they should just go to 1 week iterations.

      > My pace/velocity is getting messed up and my acceptance testing
      > coverage is not as solid as I hope. I hope by fixing the iteration
      > lengths and release plans, I can get a better handle on the velocity
      > and be more predictive.

      Right. You have observed the effects of over-control.

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