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Re: Before and After metrics

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  • cpp gent
    From: Paul Hodgetts ... Thanks Paul, I ll add it to my list of sites... ... Which is exactly my concern and thus my question. ... Do
    Message 1 of 6 , Jan 2, 2003
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      From: Paul Hodgetts <phodgetts@...>
      >The paper is also available at Agile Logic's web
      >site (http://www.agilelogic.com) in the resources section.
      Thanks Paul, I'll add it to my list of sites...

      >The big problem is whether these metrics exist
      >for prior non-XP projects, ...

      Which is exactly my concern and thus my question.

      >In my experience, it will appear at first that the
      >tasks take more effort under XP, since the initial total
      >effort is more. This is especially true if tracked in terms of individual
      >developer-hours due the doubling of developer-hours when pairing. But the
      >rework effort turns out to be dramatically less, and the resulting total
      >project effort is less.

      Do you tell your clients up-front about these trends?

      >I feel the most effective metrics are to track actual task effort put into
      >the project. If possible track it
      >both as initial development, and then as the result of
      >rework due to defects or other causes.

      Initial effort + rework or bugfix time sounds like a good measure. It seems
      to beg the question though: How long do you wait for the bugs to come in
      before you stop counting bugfix/rework time?

      I guess the answer depends on how long the full cycle from release to user
      actually trying the feature to finally generating a bug report. If it's very
      long, then gathering post-XP metrics must wait until at least that long.

      >These metrics allow some overall cost comparisons,
      >and tend to show pretty clearly that a team doing XP
      >tends to deliver better product initially and saves
      >total effort over the long-term.
      Is it strictly that Total effort = intial development + rework or bugfixes,
      or are there other quantities in total effort that you see?


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