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Re: AIDS (was [XP] Re: A theory of knowledge)

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  • John Platte
    ... The topic of non-conformist AIDS hypotheses seems to draw an interesting parallel with the BDUF-to-XP paradigm shift. As someone posted recently, the
    Message 1 of 12 , Nov 4, 2002
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      Luke Burton wrote:

      > <quotedMessage>
      > The single most effective treatment is the sort which prevents DNA
      > replication - like AZT. It's basically impossible for the virus to
      > mutate and overcome this challenge. But of course, there's a trade off.
      > The treatment affects human DNA replication too, leaving the person
      > feeling sick and tired. Treatments using combinations of methods are
      > best, because they minimise side-effects for the person while still
      > attacking the virus.
      > The reason there's no whizz-bang killer for viruses is because they
      > haven't got anything in them that we don't have in us. They're made of
      > DNA (or RNA) and protein. Hence, if you attack the virus, you attack the
      > human too :( The best that we can do is find things that attack the
      > virus slightly more than they attack the human, and that's what we use
      > today.
      > </quotedMessage>

      The topic of non-conformist AIDS hypotheses seems to draw an interesting
      parallel with the BDUF-to-XP paradigm shift. As someone posted recently,
      the BDUF'er thinks the problem is not enough design up front when the
      BDUF symptoms show up.

      According to Peter Duesberg and other AIDS heretics, the highly-toxic
      AZT is among the causes of the disease of toxicity that is called AIDS!


      This hypothesis is supported by Magic Johnson's response to the drug:

      <quote url="http://www.virusmyth.net/aids/data/pdazt.htm">

      But then suddenly Magic's AIDS symptoms disappeared-and so did all
      further news about his AIDS symptoms and treatment. Had Magic's virus
      suddenly become harmless, or was Magic taken off AZT? No paper would
      mention whether Magic was taken off AZT. Nobody knew, except those
      who joked, "There is no magic in AZT, and there is no AZT in Magic.,"
      Indeed. it is very unlikely that he could have won the Olympics in
      1992 on AZT, considering his strong reactions to the toxic drug in
      1991. The silence of the AIDS establishment seems to confirm this
      assumption. Nothing would have been a better advertisement for the
      troubled AIDS drug than having returned AIDS patient Magic to an
      Olympic victory. But no such announcement was made. At last Magic
      broke the silence himself. After a "motivational" AIDS talk in
      Tallahassee, Florida, in the spring of 1995, Magic responded to a
      teacher that "He had been taking AZT for a while, but has stopped."
      (108) The media preferred not to mention the news.


      I replied to this because I think this topic illustrates very well (if a
      bit viscerally!) just how great the difference can be between two
      well-considered views of experimental data. As pointed out in Zen and
      the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance, science and rational thinking are
      great once you have the hypothesis. But how do you /find/ your

      It was the "bowling article" that first woke me up to the fact that when
      it comes to brass tacks, there truly is more than one way to tackle the
      programming task, even given rigorous XP disciplines. Then I began to
      see where personal responsibility and craftsmanship took their place.

      But that's a whole other chautauqua... ;-)

      John Platte
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