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Re: [XP] Maximum, not average

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  • Ian Hobson
    In article , Morris, Chris writes ... Hmmph. Thats not the way
    Message 1 of 2 , Jun 1, 2000
      In article <2B92A3D0D399D311BA7E00A0C90F8FDD88B8DD@...
      .com>, Morris, Chris <chrism@...> writes
      >Ron Jeffries:
      >> since they work
      >> together, you get maximum architecture, not average.
      >This is a great "punch to the gut" of XP, IMO.
      >Since you work together, you get the maximum, not the average.
      >When you work apart, you get the average, not the maximum.

      Thats not the way I've found it.

      When three people work on code separately, one will break it, one will
      be late and the third will have misunderstood something.

      When you work together you get the maximum - correct.

      When you work apart you get the minimum, but only on a good day. :)



      The Times Law Reports, April 7th 1999, when reporting "Express & Echo
      Publications v Tanton", Court of Appeal 1999, on page 279, "[W]here a
      person... was not required to provide those services personally it... [is]
      wholly inconsistent with the contract being a contract of service... [therefore]
      the only conclusion... was that the contract was one for services."
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