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[OT] Spam Weekly for 08/25/2002--08/31/2002

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  • Jonas Bengtsson
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      A summary of spam highlights for the week of 2002-08-25 through
      2002-08-31, brought to you by Jonas <jonas.b@...>:


      <1> 70% Americans Have Errors On Their Credit Reports

      "With a Junum membership you can improve your financial health,
      get back the credit you deserve, and achieve the freedom of better
      credit." You just pay $5 for items disputed, and $15 for items
      deleted. This must be legal!

      <2> Teach your kids to run the business

      This is great: free software, you just have to pay for shipping.
      The product of the month is Fast Food Tycoon. Is there anything
      about running business you can't learn from playing games?
      Hopefully they will soon release XP Shop Tycoon so your kids can
      run the business (after Junum has fixed your credit reports, of

      <3> Yahoo! Auto Response

      The art of spam is evolving. Post a troll-like message about
      Extreme BS, and then when you get replies, send an auto response
      to attract business. To paraphrase: I am amazed and bewildered by
      the spam tribe.

      <4> As Seen on the Howard Stern Show

      "If you don't want it to get any better than don't click here!"
      What do they mean by 'it'?

      <5> Get rid of cpa@...

      GHAA! WHAT IS THIS? Kay and others seem to have something against
      the art of spam. Any attack against spammers is an attack against
      SPAM WEEKLY. But hopefully we will recover. The spammers will find
      new ways to share amazing offers and life changing opportunities!

      <6> Hi, how are you? I just visited your website through yep.com

      Thanks to Jack D we got at least one more piece of spam. He
      noticed that my, our, or your site has been down for at least
      three hours. We can't have it that way so Jack D suggest that I,
      we, or you look at tools4mysite.com so this kind of failure won't
      happen again!


      Best regards,

      The towels were so thick there I could hardly close my suitcase.
      - Yogi Berra
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