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Re: [XP] Wiki for Project Tracking?

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  • Chris Morris
    ... interesting ... Yeah - I don t have a release page for it - but here s the cvs linkage:
    Message 1 of 18 , Aug 30, 2002
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      > >I have my own homegrown wiki in Ruby that I use. I added full hierarchy
      > >support to it in order to support multiple projects (which was
      > >in itself - there's some inherent weirdness in building this) -- it works

      > Would that wiki be open-source?

      Yeah - I don't have a release page for it - but here's the cvs linkage:


      All the files there aren't required - it's a little bit of a mess. But you
      should be able to stick it all in a cgi-bin folder, tweak the shebang on the
      clwikicgi.rb file, tweak the clwiki.conf.xml file (requires my
      XmlSerialization module: http://clabs.org/clxmlserial.htm) and have at it
      ... maybe it'll work :)

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