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RE: [XP] Re: Source Code Control

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  • Bill de hÓra
    ... Hash: SHA1 ... Upgrade to 1.3. ... You can add files as either binary or text. As you say, RTFM, actually go one better and read Karl Fogel s CVS book.
    Message 1 of 4 , Jun 1, 2002
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      > Bill asks:
      > >Can you say more about your setup and what you mean by weird?
      > It's VB6 running on Windows NT something-or-other, with a
      > not-quite-current version of WinCVS.

      Upgrade to 1.3.

      > Weird? You add files to a repository, and it complains that
      > they're binary, not text, so it won't add them, but it does
      > anyways.

      You can add files as either binary or text. As you say, RTFM,
      actually go one better and read Karl Fogel's CVS book. It's
      available online (minus the open source philosophy).

      > You
      > don't change anything, yet it finds a heap of differences and
      > won't let you check in without "resolving" the conflict.

      CVS is being your friend, you /really/ don't want to check in if
      you have conflicts; fix the problem locally. If you haven't made
      local changes, I suspect that's a tab/spaces thing or eol guffness
      between linux and windows or you simply don't have the most recent
      revision from the repository. Try doing an right click update on
      the file, that usually fixes things.

      >It gives messages
      > in a variety of colors, which evidently have some meaning, but
      > not for me (and yes, I have RTFM).

      Ignore the colors, they're a distraction. The uppercase letter at
      the beginning of each line are what matters, a CVS reference like
      Fogel's will explain what they mean. Alternatively, badger whoever
      admins the repository for a tutorial, failing that find the nearest
      UNIX or Open Source gearhead, they usually know their way around

      > You refresh the display to see if
      > anything's new, it says nothing is, then when you try to commit
      > your changes it says that there are conflicts.

      F5 refresh is local. Before you try to commit you should query
      update (F4) to see if you're in sync with the repository; /always/
      update before committing.

      > The conflict marks that it
      > inserts into the files prevent VB from loading the files, so they
      > must be edited in some advanced text processor like Notepad
      > instead. That's all I can think of off the top of my head...

      I can't say anything about what or why VB won't display your files
      as plaintext, but notepad will. I guess that's a VB editor feature;
      perhaps there's some way to tell it to stfu.

      Bill de hÓra

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