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  • Arrizza, John
    ... How about an end to end IDE? Something that helps you deliver the code from conception to CD. MSDEV seems to concentrate solely on development, but the
    Message 1 of 11 , May 1, 2000
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      > let me refrase. what obstacles does xpers run into when they use IDEs
      > and CASE tools of today? are there any at all? i guess its not always
      > something worth calling "obstacle" but surely something that could be
      > redesigned to better fit xp or new features that better support xp.
      > for example: how much do xpers gain by using tools that roundtrip
      > between design (typically in uml) and source code? what can be
      > improved?

      How about an end to end IDE? Something that helps you deliver the code from
      conception to CD. MSDEV seems to concentrate solely on development, but the
      work doesn't stop there. I don't know about other IDEs, I've never used one
      before now. These are not necessarily related to XP but it does seem that we
      spend a lot of time dealing with "side" issues like:

      -stamping DLLs and EXEs with something so we know which version we're
      dealing with out in the field
      -integrating the installer with the IDE
      -grouping of projects together into larger components; allow you to
      manipulate those larger components as a single entity (rename, move, copy,
      -something that lets you do "releases" of your subsystem to other teams of
      -building the system in Debug, Release, and other modes; creating those
      other modes on the fly
      -something that understands there are at least four environments: my box,
      development (i.e. other people's boxes), QA (i.e. next release), production
      (i.e. next release). I need a system that creates/tears down all of those
      environments at will and quickly
      -something that lets you pick and choose bits of work you've done for a
      -maintaining compile/link settings system wide while allowing for controlled
      -something that tracks or helps with DB installation and population: for the
      development and production environments
      -ditto for registry and other environmental settings
      -something that lets you look at the code base once as a set of files, then
      as a set of subsystems, then as a set of classes, etc. give me n views and
      let me manipulate the code base at that view
      -I imagine the tech writers and QA would like some features as well

      OK, how about some "small" fixes to msdev:
      -an IDE where the dependency check works correctly with version control
      software unlike MSDEV; a system that when it reports it has finished
      compiling, it *really* has compiled everything that has to be
      -an IDE that can handle 200 or more projects at a time without choking or
      grinding to a halt as MSDEV does
      -an IDE that handles building from the command line unlike MSDEV
      -an IDE that has a template capability for projects unlike MSDEV
      -A built in formatter with tons of options (these seem to be like hen's
      teeth out there)
      -a built in Diff that understands C++ and only shows code differences (if
      that's what I want). This would be especially useful after the formatter was
      -an IDE that doesn't lock up or abend like MSDEV does
      -an IDE that SavesAll when you ask it to SaveAll unlike MSDEV
      -how about a dependency checker at the class level: I'm about to change this
      variable/line of code, tell me every other variable/line of code that could
      possibly depend on that change.

      In short an industrial strength IDE designed for large systems and many
      developers instead of something meant for single developer applications.

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