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Re: [XP] RE: language question (human language)

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  • C. Keith Ray
    on 2002.04.02 10:10 AM, Gee, Joe at joe_gee@csgsystems.com wrote: [...] ... [...] Found in interesting bit in Quality Software Management volume 3, By Jerry
    Message 1 of 3 , Apr 2, 2002
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      on 2002.04.02 10:10 AM, Gee, Joe at joe_gee@... wrote:
      > Sadly, in the environment I am trying to escape, it is reasonably common to
      > fix a bug without understanding what it does.

      Found in interesting bit in "Quality Software Management" volume 3, By Jerry
      Weinberg. It applies to my organization, and probably applies to yours.

      "In Variable (Pattern 1) organizations, the NT Visionaries revel in their
      independance; the NF Catalysts try to form small teams; the SJ Organizers go
      nuts; and the SP Troubleshooters are like pigs in mud."


      There's no time for NT Visionary stuff in my "no-slack" company.

      We have more projects than people, so there is pressure to form
      one-person teams, which takes things too far.


      C. Keith Ray
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