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  • Matt Scilipoti
    I may, or may not, be elite ... but I ain t no fool. I am using XP because it strengthens my assets and shores up my weaknesses. ADHD? You re partner will
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 22, 2002
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      I may, or may not, be 'elite'... but I ain't no fool. I am using XP because
      it strengthens my assets and shores up my weaknesses.

      ADHD? You're partner will keep you focused. Talk about increased
      Usually have too many irons in the fire? A stream of red tests is effective
      Code by the seat of your pants? You may need to refer to TooManyIrons. But,
      usually, your intuition will carry you farther, faster and the tests will
      just prove it.
      Make bad decisions? Have the Customer make them for you instead.
      Suck at syntax? Learn a 'real' tool from a partner. Then you can work on
      the real issues.
      You talk about your code in terms of generations ("Why doesn't this piece
      plug in? Oh, that's the way we did it 2 generations ago.")? Now you're
      charged with growing and changing your code, it's up to everyone else to
      keep up with the tests.

      Some of these are a little facetious, but the results are real and obvious.
      If someone judges our ability solely by the product we create, they would
      easily assume that everyone on the team is above average.

      Matt Scilipoti
      Possiamo Consulting LLC

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      Date: Fri, 22 Mar 2002 03:07:41 +1200
      From: "Bryan Dollery" <Bryan.Dollery@...>
      Subject: RE: El1te

      Hi Kari,

      > XP programmers just seem to understand how
      > difficult their job is. I have never been able to
      > convince a newcomer that using 30% of your time to
      > write unit tests up front is an efficient way to go.

      But it isn't... now if you were to take this up to just over 50% ;-)


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