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  • Shane McChesney
    Hi all, I ve just added an XP Linkfest page to my site at: http://www.skippingdot.net/2001/12/27 I ve accumulated all of the links I ve found so far as a
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 27, 2001
      Hi all,

      I've just added an "XP Linkfest" page to my site at:


      I've accumulated all of the links I've found so far as a resource for
      myself, my staff, my clients, and whoever stumbles across the site. Of
      course, this discussion group is listed as a very active resource.

      We're just starting out with XP and I'm excited as hell about it, as
      adherence to XP will eliminate several of the problems we've seen in recent
      projects. We may still have other problems, of course, but I'm convinced XP
      will help us manage client expectations better and deliver useful software

      The challenge for us is how to Live the XP Way when we live 200 km apart. So
      far we're not quite there... but I'll be logging our successes and failures
      on the site as time marches on.

      If you have any URLs you think I should add to the Linkfest, I'd love to
      hear about them.

      Thanks for your time, and have a great New Year.

      Shane McChesney
      Wesearch Information Services Inc.
      Site: http://www.wesearchis.com
      Weblog: http://www.skippingdot.net
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