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[XP] Bias against Metaphor (was Re: [XP] TFD: we need an "Arianne thread")

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  • Christopher Hart
    ... What s the bias against Metaphor? It s a very useful practice, however it s not explained very well in the XP literature. If you forget about it as
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 29, 2001
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      > From: "Phil Lewis"
      > On the subjecy of the minotaur, the waffle on the thread, the amount of
      > explaination of the metaphor that is required, seems to me to be another
      > nail in the coffin for metaphor.

      What's the bias against Metaphor? It's a very useful practice, however it's
      not explained very well in the XP literature. If you forget about it as
      architecture, and instead focus on finding a metaphor for communication
      between two or more groups with their own specialized domain knowledge it's
      invaluable. There seems to be a false belief that developed that Ward's
      SystemOfNames pattern indicated the metaphor needs to be static for the life
      of the project. While refactoring in a new set of names is a pain, it
      doesn't prevent everyone from using metaphors to communicate. If we cut the
      Metaphor practice out of XP, it requires that either the developers or the
      customer know the other's domain intimately before work on the project
      begins. Otherwise there is a lot of early miscommunication that negatively
      impacts the project, and in severe cases destroys all communication.
      Metaphor is especially important early in the project when neither the
      developers or customers knows the other's domain well. Later, when everybody
      is familiar with the project domain the Metaphor practice can be dropped.

      What are the success stories of using Metaphor?

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