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  • Tom Clarke
    My short but flippant answer is that it works great, but I haven t written any EJBs, JSPs or used JMS yet. More seriously, I ve been really impressed with the
    Message 1 of 4 , Mar 30, 2000
      My short but flippant answer is that it works great, but I haven't written
      any EJBs, JSPs or used JMS yet.

      More seriously, I've been really impressed with the power of java without
      any of the extra infrastructure, I am really pleased with the general form
      handling mechanism i got through refactoring - a lot better than endless jsp

      I used EJBs on my previous pre XP project and I really doubt that it was
      worth the extra complexity. That's not to say that EJBs are never useful -
      if you need to spread stuff around different machines (i.e. build things
      that are equivilent to daemons) and have real transaction problems then
      they could simplify things a lot. In particular, if you need to expose an
      API to a third party that isn't part of your team then EJB interfaces
      would be a good bet.


      On Thu, 30 Mar 2000, Tim Clotworthy wrote:

      > I was wondering whether anyone has taken an XP approach to a system that
      > uses the Java Enterprise APIs (EJB, JSP, Servlet, JMS, etc)?
      > Typically, the scenario here is that developers specialize to some degree
      > (for example one group develops expertise in JSP, HTML, and Javascript,
      > others in EJB, JDBC, etc.). In fact, many of the proponents and architects
      > of these APIs advocate specialization of responsibility to maximize
      > productivity. In fact, the APIs were in part designed to FACILITATE
      > partitioning of expertise.
      > This is obviously at odds with rotating people to different parts of the
      > system, collective ownership, etc, inherent in XP. I am very much drawn to
      > the obvious virtues of XP, and hope to have the courage to embrace it on the
      > next project I lead, but everyone gaining expertise in all these APIs in
      > order to make XP work is a pretty tall order..
      > I would greatly appreciate feedback from anyone who has endeavored to do the
      > above. Thanks.
      > Tim
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