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Re: [XP] Re: Suggestion/ideas for refactoring? (long-ish)

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  • Paul Michali
    ... Hmm. I was thinking about creating and passing the dispatcher object around (it know who to send the E-mail messages to, the name of the mail server, and
    Message 1 of 7 , Oct 1 6:57 AM
      kevinxp@... wrote:
      > --- In extremeprogramming@y..., Paul Michali <pcm@c...> wrote:
      > > Here's what I have now (still a work in progress, of course):
      > >
      > >
      > > public void makeObservations() {
      > > dispatcher.clearMessage();
      > > checkAllPathSegments();
      > > dispatcher.notifyObservers();
      > > }
      > Would this be clearer if you passed a "message" object around? This message
      > would be cleared, populated, and then sent to observers.

      Hmm. I was thinking about creating and passing the dispatcher object
      (it know who to send the E-mail messages to, the name of the mail
      server, and
      the message that needs to be sent). Now you have me thinking about
      I should pass a dispatcher or pass a Message object and then send it to
      dispatcher object (of which the Message is just a "dumb" object that
      the message).

      > If a single object contained both primaryCurr and primaryPrev, you could ask
      > that object whether things were better, the same, or worse, with a simple
      > method (and no parameters). Same with secondary.

      Yeah. Some sort of ReportHistory object is starting to look better and
      better. I may give it a try today or tomorrow.

      > What if this method was responsible for marking each report/segment/path as
      > "needs to report" or not. Then, a later method could sweep through and only
      > build a message from the ones that need to be included.

      I was thinking about this at one time, but I wasn't sure if it would pan
      out or not. I'll keep it in the back of my head.

      > > It does seem clearer (to me) so far. I'll keep plugging away at it.
      > > But, right now I've got to work on updating the test cases...
      > I assume you mean _adding_ test cases. You wouldn't change the code in
      > ways that break tests, and then go back and fix the tests, would you?

      Nope. I created a set of parallel methods with new logic that does the
      same thing as the old. As a result, some of the new methods are not
      being tested, so I need to create some more test cases to test that

      > Much
      > better to change the tests first, and then update the code to match.

      Yeah you're right (slapping my own hand). I ended up just extracting
      code to methods and naming them so that they made sense, joined some
      methods and then started looking at the tests to see how I could make
      sure I covered these "new" methods. I should work harder towards
      writing the test first and then coding to meet that test. With the
      refactoring, it's hard (for me) to see how to write the test before I
      do the refactoring step. I guess if I had a pair partner, it would
      really have helped here :^(

      I also didn't have great test coverage of the original code (a smell),
      because it did so much (like the original checkAllSegments() method
      where it collected a new report, compared them, built a message, and
      sent it out).

      You have some good ideas that I'm going to pursue, thanks!

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