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Re: Fwd: [XP] No version control

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  • chendrickson@thoughtworks.com
    Boy it is hard to believe that someone is developing mainframe software without a version control system. Every place I have done mainframe development has
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 31, 2001
      Boy it is hard to believe that someone is developing mainframe software
      without a version control system. Every place I have done mainframe
      development has used a version control system build on top of Panvalet
      (http://www.cai.com/products/panvalet.htm). At Chrysler we had built a
      fairly comprehensive system called DCCS (data center control system) which
      was basically a mainframe integrated development environment.

      Panvalet is (at at least was) a library system. It lets us keep track of
      versions of files, compare and report on the differences between versions,
      etc. The DCCS software took that capability and added a project concept,
      which allowed the developer to manage the promotion of hetrogeneous source
      files in such a way as to insure that either all of the elements or none of
      the elements were moved to the production libraries. It did this a the
      source code level, meaning that the executables where treated as derrived
      data, they were always recreated and never simply moved. This insured that
      the executable and the source were always in sync.

      I don't know if there are any CoTS sofware that does this job. My guess
      the places to look would be CA, Compuware, and IBM.

      Notes is a little more tricky. But, my understanding is that they have
      build a process to control promotion of Notes applications, which snapshots
      the previous version for easier regression. I would check out the Notes
      groups to see what is available in that arena.

      Chet Hendrickson
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      Chet. Did Chrysler have version control software for the mainframe?
      If so, this thread needs to know.
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      > This is unreal. I've never worked on _any_ project that didn't
      > have version control.

      I've run into a number of clients that didn't have version control when I
      One of my first recommendations is to install version control and start
      using it.

      This particular client has me at a bit of a loss though since they're not
      version control in two environments that I have no experience with: cobol
      on a mainframe and Lotus Notes development.

      It's very easy to say "start using CVS", which a number of people here have
      said but
      to the best of my knowledge, CVS won't work in either of these
      environments. I'm
      hoping that there will be people here with mainframe or Notes experience
      who can give
      me some information about version control in these environments.

      Information about testing in these environments would be very useful too :

      The lack of version control is not something that they consider to be a
      problem. In
      fact, this only came to light because they are looking at XP and couldn't
      understand how contineous integration would work.

      FWIW, all their java development uses CVS and has been using some flavour
      of version
      control all along.

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