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[XP] Re: [XP] JTest (was - Coding standards document)

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  • kyagen@securesoft.com
    Let me give a little background to answer your question and hopefully trigger some good advice from the group. I am a project manager for an E-Commerce
    Message 1 of 19 , Mar 15, 2000
      Let me give a little background to answer your question and hopefully
      trigger some good advice from the group. I am a project manager for an
      E-Commerce Infrastructure product. I've been trying to introduce some
      XP concepts into the development team. I've had the most success in the
      QA team, so I've been concentrating there and hope to branch out to
      smaller projects in the core development team once I can show them the

      Right now our developers write there own unit tests and do not do any
      pair programming. They were very skeptical of the benefits of it given
      their current workload and schedule. Some have even balked at writing
      unit tests which completely baffles me. We have a team of programmers
      in our QA group that develop a more structured set of tests and do
      white and black box testing of our servers and exposed API's. We spend
      a lot of time building test harnesses and developing custom testing
      "languages" for writing test cases. I was hoping a product like JTest
      could reduce that amount of time spent building these harnesses and
      languages and allow them to concentrate on writing and running tests.
      If it did, I could then introduce it to the developers and have them
      start using it for writing their tests and checking their code.


      "dana edwards" <danaedward-@...> wrote:
      original article:http://www.egroups.com/group/extremeprogramming/?start
      > Our group, DO-IT, evaluated JTest and we found that it wasn't really
      > smart. For example, we had a method like so:
      > public void doSomething(String value) {
      > if (value == null) {
      > throw new IllegalArgumentException();
      > }
      > }
      > JTest was kind enough to tell us that we might have a problem because
      > "value" could end up being null (if we hadn't checked it).
      Obviously, we
      > knew that or we wouldn't have checked the value. Other than that,
      the tool
      > did not find anything for us. We were not impressed with the white
      > testing technology that they claim.
      > As far as the test cases are concerned, the tests that we wrote to
      test our
      > code seem to do quite well and when it is time to regression test, we
      > run them all. Are you guys operating without test cases? Or are you
      > looking for a different level of testing? If so, have you been
      pairing? I
      > am curious to know if there is more to the story. :)
      > If you are looking to enforce coding standards, use JIndent. It is
      free and
      > can support any type of formatting that you can think of (or at least
      that I
      > could) for C++ or Java.
      > Dana
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      > Sent: Monday, March 13, 2000 10:01 PM
      > Subject: [XP] Re: Coding standards document
      > > What is your opinion of Jtest? I just discovered it on the web and
      > > on evaluating it. The price tag is steep ($3500), but worth it, if
      > > lives up to ParaSoft's claim of automated enforcement of coding
      > > standards and automated test case generation and regression testing.
      > > They also seem to working on a C++ version which is great for us
      > > we need to provide C++ and Java API's for our customers.
      > >
      > > Ken
      > >
      > > "merk, john" <john.mer-@...> wrote:
      > > original article:http://www.egroups.com/group/extremeprogramming/?s
      > > =2134
      > > > We're starting a practice of running Java code through Jtest (from
      > > ParaSoft)
      > > > and Jindent. This handles about 90% of our coding standard.
      > > is a
      > > > commercially available product, while Jindent is freeware (not
      > > source
      > > > however).
      > > >
      > > > John C. Merk
      > > > Resource Manager
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