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Re: [XP] requirement gathering and design

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  • Ron Jeffries
    ... I m sorry, but I don t understand this question. ... It s the only planning process defined in XP. XP does not define where requirements come from. It
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      Responding to joshuaprasana@... (12:20 PM 7/4/2001 +0000):
      >comparing the extreme programming concepts with the regular software
      >engineering process - i wonder how one could do the requirement
      >gathering just with the story cards which may not be self explanatory
      >when it has to be maintained by a party other than of the developers

      I'm sorry, but I don't understand this question.

      >is planning game the only way of collecting requirements?

      It's the only planning process defined in XP. XP does not define where
      requirements come from. It specifies that requirements are transmitted by
      an adaptive process, mostly of conversation, aided by full-time presence of
      the customer.

      >what other documents apart from story card is used for requirement

      Acceptance Tests. Auxiliary documents, such as tables of data, as required
      by the situation.

      >could someone help on mapping the extreme programming concepts with
      >the existing software engineering process?
      >what is the documentation that is required for extreme programming?

      Acceptance Tests, Unit Tests, Clear code, anything the customer requires,
      plus anything the team finds useful. If and when the system is handed over
      for maintenance, additional documentss might be needed. If so, they should
      be created at that time.

      >how does one start with the implementation of extreme programming

      One good way is to start by implementing the extreme programming practices.
      The concepts follow.

      Ronald E Jeffries
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