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Re: [XP] Re: Individualism is a hoax (another rant)

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  • Michael C. Feathers
    ... From: Dave Thomas ... I think so too. I m currently working with a 20 developer team, all of whom are working on the domain code. No
    Message 1 of 7 , Jun 9, 2001
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      From: Dave Thomas <Dave@...>
      > When I'm talking about extracting these principles, or values, I'm not
      > doing it in order to change or weaken XP, but instead as a kind of
      > research to try to determine the form that an XP-inspired methodology
      > would take in contexts where XP is not appropriate.
      > Of course all this may well be pointless. Perhaps Martin's approach
      > of just trying variations and sticking wih what works is the best way
      > to explore :)

      I think so too. I'm currently working with a 20 developer
      team, all of whom are working on the domain code. No
      SWAT team. When you add in the people who are doing
      customer work and QA there are about forty people on
      the project. The process which evolved is very close to
      "out of the book" XP. Surprised the hell out of me.
      When I first met the team, the first thing I wanted to
      do was break the team into smaller teams. Luckily,
      we held off for a few iterations and learned something.

      Scale seems to be less of an issue for them because
      they are an amazingly jelled team. More jelled than
      any day-to-day work team I've run into about eight

      I've been struck by the fact that people and team
      culture are -the big deal-. Process can help teams,
      but you get to a point where you have to say
      "I can help you get to this level, but levels beyond
      that really depend on your people and the culture
      they produce. We don't have a recipe for that

      Michael (of course, is hoping to find a recipe)

      P.S. It pays to try XP "out of the box" and only change
      what doesn't work.

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