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Re: How Good Do you want to be was: Pair programming vs. Mentoring in a pair

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  • Stacie Clark
    Ron, The biggest problem I ve had with people who don t constantly strive to be the best they can be is one of trust. Or maybe it s one of expectations. If a
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 2, 2001
      The biggest problem I've had with people who don't constantly strive to
      be the best they can be is one of trust. Or maybe it's one of
      expectations. If a developer sometimes writes decent code with good
      design and other times writes garbage, then I have to plan on him
      writing garbage all the time because if I trust him to write good stuff
      and he doesn't, then I'm screwed. As a technical lead, I really don't
      want to babysit. I'd prefer to be able to trust the developers to be
      mature adults and adhere to the process. If they blow off test first
      because it's "too hard" or do a lousy design because it was the "easiest
      thing to do" then I have to constantly follow up on these people to make
      sure that they are doing their job. "Slackers" are dishonest developers
      who steal resources and morale from the rest of team. I'd hire an honest
      newbie before I'd hire a mid-level slacker. The newbie can be trained
      while the mid=level slacker will never change.

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