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Re: [XP] OT: Political Philophy ( was: RE: Why is "Politics" never a part of a methodogy? (a rant))

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    =From: Tim Burns = =This discussion brought out some thoughts on a discussion with a =customer I had last week. They (the
    Message 1 of 7 , Apr 1, 2001
      =From: "Tim Burns" <timburnsowlmtn@...>
      =This discussion brought out some thoughts on a discussion with a
      =customer I had last week. They (the development team) was being
      =asked by management to hire an Object Librarian who would be in
      =charge of enforcing reuse within the organization.
      =I got to thinking how this could be successful. The only way I see
      =for it to be a successful project is if the code for reuse was:

      first off, i'm not convinced reuse is possible with xp, the teams
      focus appears to be too focused on just the project they're working on
      (this is just from my readings both here and from the books).
      i'm not saying this is a bad thing btw.

      =1. The reuse objects had few interdependencies, and no

      i'd rather this were phrased as "the resue objects had only the
      interdependencies that are necessary".

      =interdependencies that were not good patterning.

      i dont understand this one.

      =2. The reuse objects came with clear unit tests for the developers
      =to use.


      =3. The catalog of the objects was clearly outlined with use cases.

      if this is so you'd know how to use those objects then i'd say that
      were covered by the test harnii and as such wasnt necessary.

      =I would say that for 1,2, and 3 to occur then some very intelligent

      moderately intelligent will do:)

      =developers will have to work hard, and they should probably
      =practice test-first design, refactoring to patterns, use case
      =writing, and keeping things simple as possible. I guess this is why
      =developers value intelligence more then power. Power can decree
      =something, but for it to work, it has to be executed properly. I

      and you need "power" to ensure that.

      =think furthermore, successful reuse policies are quite rare.

      indeed, the one way i've seen that worked with minimal impact was to
      create the reuse project area, code up your classes as per usual for
      the current project, when you have finished it and think you see a
      class that could be reused you move it to a category in the reuse
      area. just the act of moving it there will probably show up
      dependencies on your current project, at this point you either decide
      its too hard to make it reusable or you make the necessary
      changes/refactorings to it and leave it in the reuse area. the
      important thing to note is that there is no *extra* red tape here to
      get it into the reuse area. anyone can throw something in there,
      anyone can decide whether to reuse something or not. the idea is that
      the reuse area acts like a market, only the good stuff will get
      what i like about this method is the lack of overhead, its easy to setup,
      of course ymmv:)
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