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Re: 40-hour Principle -- Was [XP] Re: Forming an XP dot-com

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  • Dossy
    ... I think they call this the take the money and run phenomenon... ;-) ... A hundred-thousand lemmings can t be wrong ... :-) - Dossy -- Dossy Shiobara
    Message 1 of 145 , Jan 1, 2001
      On 2001.01.01, Ron Jeffries <ronjeffries@...> wrote:
      > At 08:04 PM 1/1/2001 -0500, it seemed like Dossy wrote:
      > >- Dossy
      > >... isn't this why the whole e-business sector imploding these days?
      > There is a very common dot-com thing called getting one release out and
      > never getting a second one because the code sucks so profoundly.

      I think they call this the "take the money and run" phenomenon... ;-)

      > The guys who talk about 60 hour weeks are the dot-com *******s who say hire
      > a raft of programmers and work them to death. I think we've just seen how
      > much they really know. They were riding a wave, not making the wave.

      "A hundred-thousand lemmings can't be wrong ..." :-)

      - Dossy

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    • Steve Freeman
      From: Bob Koss ... Then you re not doing XP! Kent says there have to be snacks ;-) Steve
      Message 145 of 145 , Jan 13, 2001
        From: "Bob Koss" <koss@...>
        > > I like Bob Martin's idea. Instead of calling it the 40 hour week,
        > > call it the 8 hour burn. The idea is to work so focused and intensely
        > > that at 1700 you're obviously good for nothing more than going home
        > And I'm here to tell you that it's balls to the wall for those 8 hours!
        > I've had the opportunity to work with Bob in his home office. The work day
        > started at exactly 9am, we usually had a sandwich (standing up) around noon,
        > and by 5pm I was so drained that I wasn't sure that I could drive back to my
        > hotel. I couldn't imagine working more than 40 hours a week at that pace.

        Then you're not doing XP! Kent says there have to be snacks ;-)

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