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Re: [XP] Metrics to Prove XP Works

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  • Ian Hobson
    In article , Tom Mostyn writes ... If you want business value, measure business value. (or
    Message 1 of 20 , Dec 11, 2000
      In article <3A2E9ABB.1216D94A@...>, Tom Mostyn
      <tmostyn@...> writes
      >Robert Crawford wrote:
      >> On Wed, Dec 06, 2000 at 01:38:51PM -0600, Tom Mostyn wrote:
      >> > I find it odd that some XP'ers say "only the code knows" and "the code
      >> > is the design" making XP a very code centric process, but then refuse to
      >> > measure productivity in terms of code.
      >> Because we're not producing code; we're producing business
      >> value. That's done by completing stories and making releases, not
      >> by the number of lines of code added/changed/deleted.
      >XP produces business value by generating code. One is easier to measure
      >than the other. Given the choice of measuring business value vs. code I
      >would choose to measure code. It's easier to measure, IMO.
      If you want business value, measure business value. (or some close

      If you want code, measure code.

      Remember is was a *drunk* who dropped his keys in the dark but was
      looking under the lamp-post because he could see there!


      Ian Hobson

      Every time we teach a child something, we prevent him from inventing
      it himself. - Jean Piaget
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