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Re: [XP] An Experiment Status: Task B and decisions

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  • Kevin Smith
    ... Sounds like you re thinking ahead (YAGNI). You re writing an app that pulls specific data off of a specific page. Personally, at least for the first
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 11, 2000
      --- Paul Michali <pcm@...> wrote:
      > If you've been following this multi-thread, maybe
      > you can comment on
      > some of the decisions that I'm faced with making
      > (sort of as a virtual
      > pair):
      > Now that I'm starting to think about what's next
      > (namely parsing the page
      > to generate a notification with some of the data),
      > I've hit upon some
      > concerns and decision points...
      > I was thinking of having the concept of an
      > Observation Point. In the
      > solution, this would be some of the lines in the web
      > page that contain
      > the road conditions that the Scout is interested in.
      > Thinking about this
      > raises a few of questions.

      Sounds like you're thinking ahead (YAGNI). You're
      writing an app that pulls specific data off of a
      specific page. Personally, at least for the first
      attempt, I would just look for the tag that would get
      you what you need, hard-code it, and move on. Business

      If you later need to generalize, that's the time to do
      so. In this case, even though you're pulling from two
      (I think) pages, I would either find a way to VERY
      simply generalize, or would have two separate find

      > Finally, about estimating. Do I just estimate the
      > time I plan to spend in
      > front of the computer implementing the tests and
      > production code or
      > do I include the "analysis" time I spend away from
      > the computer
      > (like now or during the coding) trying to figure out
      > the design?

      I'll await word from more seasoned folks, but I think
      the short answer is "it doesn't matter". As long as
      you are consistent, your velocity will tell you the
      important thing, which is how much _actual work_ you
      can get done in a span of calendar time.

      That's why some people estimate in units of 'gummy
      bears'. It's an abstract unit.


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