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RE: [XP] Pair programming over distances?

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  • Pardee, Tom
    ... I m also interested in this idea. ... There would need to be a central point where integration and acceptance testing is carried out. This central point
    Message 1 of 8 , Dec 1, 2000
      Bill (wecaputo) wrote:
      > >With all this talk of XP-for-one (I'm stealing Kevin's phrase, here)
      > >and "can't pair if we're not in the same room" has anyone considered
      > >ways of overcoming PP over distances?
      > I haven't seen this topic lately, and since it has never really been
      > answered definitively, I have an idea to throw out on this topic:
      > Strictly, as a thought experiment (read: late-night musing,
      > never tried it)
      > I was wondering, rather than trying to pair two programmers
      > over distance,
      > how about building a distributed XP team by having
      > distributed pairs -- two
      > (or maybe even better four) developers in several distributed
      > locations.
      I'm also interested in this idea.

      > That way, you meet (either in person or via some meeting
      > tools wizardy) for
      > the iteration planning meeting once per iteration, then once
      > daily (using
      > your distributed meeting solution of choice) for the standup
      > meeting. That
      > way a pair programs together as nature intended side by side :)
      > Granted this doesn't solve the XP-for-one issue, but it might
      > solve the
      > related question that has arisen: How can one build
      > distributed project
      > groups where some or much of the development effort is to be shipped
      > overseas?
      There would need to be a central point where integration and acceptance
      testing is carried out. This central point would also mentor and otherwise
      assure that each team had what they needed to be maximum productive. Some
      tools, such as an XUnit testing tool would need to be agreed as a standard.

      A snazzy collaboration tool would be needed for coordinating - maybe based
      on 'Groove' or 'Jabber.'

      It could be a distributed consulting company - people could work where they
      wanted to live, yet be part of the 'free market system' - getting work from
      where there are plenty of interesting assignments.

      Any XP company out there interested in fleshing out this business model -
      ObjectMentor/ThoughtWorks/other? Your benefit would start at lower cost,
      great scaling ability for large projects or peak loads.... I'm sorry to say
      that it doesn't fit Paragon's model.

      Tom Pardee
      Principal Consultant
      Paragon Computer Professionals, Inc.
      Phone - (908) 653-3089 FAX - (908) 272-2009

      Think PARAGON
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