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4th Brazilian Workshop on Agile Methods - Last Call for papers

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  • Cÿffffe9lio Jÿfffffanior
    4th Brazilian Workshop on Agile Methods (WBMA) Agile Brazil 2013 http://www.agilebrazil.com/2013/en/wbma/ Brasilia, Brazil, 27/June/2013 Call for papers
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 22, 2013
      4th Brazilian Workshop on Agile Methods (WBMA)

      Agile Brazil'2013
      Brasilia, Brazil, 27/June/2013

      Call for papers

      The Brazilian Workshop on Agile Methods (WBMA) is the research stage 
      of the Agile Brazil Conference. It is an academic event on Agile software 
      development. For this third edition, we hope to repeat the success of previous 
      years, when the workshop received many papers and the participation of a 
      large number of students, researchers, and professionals from all over World.
      Last year, Agile Brazil (the event hosting WBMA) counted over 800 attendees 
      from the whole world. This year the workshop expects to receive even more 
      participants from Brazil and researchers and students from abroad, coming from 
      top international universities and IT companies.

      This year, WBMA will happen on June 27th in Brasilia, collocated with the 4th Agile Brazil.

      The main topics of interest for this workshop are:

      * Adoption of Agile / Lean
      * Systems and Software Architecture and Development of Critical Systems
      * Human and Social Aspects in Agile Methods
      * Agile Project Management, Outsourcing and Governance in the agile context
      * Development in distributed and global agile teams
      * DevOps and Continuous Delivery
      * Teaching and coaching Agile and Lean
      * Scaling Agile to large corporations
      * Experimental studies with Agile / Lean
      * Tools and techniques on Agile / Lean
      * Conceptual Studies and theoretical foundations of Agile / Lean
      * Managing Technical Debt
      * Innovation and entrepreneurship Agile
      * Lean Startups
      * Agile / Lean in distributed environments and large teams
      * Agile in Government
      * Metrics, Measurements and Mining repositories in the context of agile
      * Patterns and anti-patterns applying Agile / Lean
      * User roles (co-participation)
      * Agile practices and future trends, evolution and revolution (technical or managerial)
      * Agile principles, Lean Manufacturing and other disciplines
      * Agile Testing & Quality: techniques, patterns and automated support
      * Organizational transformation and cultural aspects on agile businesses
      * User Experience (UX) environments on Agile / Lean
      Papers about other topics related to agile methods are also welcomed.

      WBMA provides a shepherding program that is an opportunity to authors in getting advices
      on the structure and content of their papers. Mentor are members of the program committee.
      Further information about shepherding program is presented on WBMA website 
      Important Dates
         •    March, 10th 2013: Shepherd request deadline
         •    April, 25th 2013: Paper submission deadline (Firm Deadline)
         •    May, 20th 2013: Acceptance notification
         •    June, 10th 2013: Camera Ready Submission
         •    June, 27th 2013: Workshop date

      Original papers will be accepted in English (preferred), Portuguese,
      or Spanish. The submissions will be handled electronically through
      Easy Chair. The articles must follow the formatting style for events
      sponsored by the Brazilian Computer Society (SBC), with a 12-page
      limit (full papers) and 5-page (short papers), including figures and 
      bibliographic references. The template is available at

      The program committee will choose one of the full papers to receive
      the award best paper.

      General/Program Committee Chair
      Claudia Melo (IME-USP/Thoughtworks - Brasil)
      Viviane Santos (IME-USP - Brasil)

      Publicity Chair
      Célio Santana (DCI-UFPE - Brasil)

      Local Organizing Chair
      Hilmer Nery (FGA-UnB, Brasil)
      Paulo Meirelles (FGA-UnB/CCSL-USP, Brasil)

      Program Committee (And growing)

      * Alexandre Álvaro (UFSCar-Sorocaba, Brasil)
      * Alfredo Goldman (IME-USP, Brasil)
      * Antonio Terceiro (UFBA/Colivre, Brasil)
      * Bjørnar Tessem (UiB - Norway)
      * Carlos Denner (ADM-UnB, Brasil)
      * Celina Maki Takemura (Embrapa, Brasil)
      * Célio Santana (DCI-UFPE, Brasil)
      * Cherifa Mansoura (IBM, Canada)
      * Claudia Melo (IME-USP/Thoughtworks, Brasil) – chair
      * Cristine Martins G. de Gusmão (UFPE, Brasil)
      * Eduardo Guerra (INPE, Brasil)
      * Fabio Kon (IME-USP, Brasil)
      * Felipe Furtado (CESAR-EDU, Brasil)
      * Helen Sharp (Open University, UK)
      * Hilmer Nery (FGA-UnB, Brasil)
      * Jaana Nyfjord (Swedsoft/Swedish Institute of Computer Science, Sweden)
      * José Carlos Maldonado (ICMC-USP, Brasil)
      * Jutta Eckstein (IT Communication, Germany)
      * Marcelo Pimenta (II-UFRGS, Brasil)
      * Marco Aurélio Gerosa (IME-USP, Brasil)
      * Maria Stela Cangin (UFMS, Brasil)
      * Maurício Aniche (IME-USP/Caelum, Brasil)
      * Paulo Meirelles (FGA-UnB/CCSL-USP, Brasil)
      * Pekka Abrahamsson (Free University of Bozen/Bolzano, Italy)
      * Rafael Prikladnicki (PUC-RS, Brasil)
      * Rodrigo de Toledo (UFRJ, Brasil)
      * Siva Dorairaj (Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand)
      * Teresa Maria de Medeiros Maciel (UFRPE, Brasil)
      * Theodore Hellmann (University of Calgari - Canada)  
      * Tiago Silva da Silva (ICMC/USP, Brasil)
      * Túlio Souza de Alcântara (CMG, Canada)
      * Viviane Santos (IME-USP, Brasil) - chair
      * Xiaofeng Wang (Free University of Bozen/Bolzano, Italy)Support:
      - Agile Brazil (www.agilebrazil.com.br)
      - AgilCoop (www.agilcoop.org.br)

      Célio Santana (Publicity Chair)

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