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Re: Experiment on size of unit of work - how low can you go? Intermediate Report

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  • John Carter
    So I announced this experiment... ... Here s a 20th day intermediate report. Answer: This is an absolute success. This looks to be the The Way I Work in
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 29, 2013
      So I announced this experiment...

      On Thu, Jan 10, 2013 at 4:27 PM, John Carter <john.carter@...> wrote:

      > First, a thought experiment.
      > Traditionally a "feature" was the unit of work to be planned, created,
      > integrated and tested.
      > As we became more agile we broke these units of planning, creation and
      > test, and integration into smaller and smaller chunks...
      > Question: How small can I go?
      > What if I designed my efforts, from planning, to test, to creation, to
      > integration, to documentation, to pushed, done and dusted to _all_ be The
      > Smallest Change that will provably not break anything?
      > How small can that go?
      > So my experiment for the next month or so...
      > Can I break _everything_ I do down to "smaller than a work day" from plan,
      > to test, to work done and documented, to pushed done and dusted to
      > repository?
      > By "done and dusted" I mean if I forgot, died, or went on to something
      > else... whatever I did could remain unchanged within the code base without
      > detriment, and preferable with benefit, to the customer.

      Here's a 20th day intermediate report.

      Answer: This is an absolute success. This looks to be the "The Way I Work"
      in future.

      Starting with a clean check out

      - to test written,
      - code written to point "if I die tonight, it won't hurt to leave that
      code as is" state,
      - tested,
      - pushed to repository, either pair programmed or the changeset dropped
      onto to reviewboard http://www.reviewboard.org/ for a colleague to

      all within at most a day.

      Most of the review comments come back, are on the lines "The change is too
      simple for anything to go wrong"

      That's ok with me, that's what I want.

      Only one down side....

      In the Bad Old days of "John dropped a massive changeset on us again, any
      breakage must his" left me an the ardious task.

      The task of teasing out those cases where

      - I broke it, (some),
      - those cases where I had exposed pre-existing errors (most),
      - and those cases where it was somebody elses checkin,
      - and those cases where it's a testware failure.

      Now in the new style of lots of tiny changesets.....

      Testware with a 1 in 20 testware failure rate is OK..... unless you have
      spammed it with 20 changesets.

      New ardious task... examining testware logs and explaining to people why
      it's a testware error.

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