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Re: Virtual Panel: Code-to-Test Ratios, TDD and BDD

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    I agree with Dan s comment: TDD is a design discipline. Everything else is a side benefit. The word test in test-driven is unfortunate. My muted campaign
    Message 1 of 2 , Jul 14, 2012
      I agree with Dan's comment:

      'TDD is a design discipline. Everything else is a side benefit. The word "test" in "test-driven" is unfortunate.'

      My muted campaign to encourage use of the term "Unit Designing" instead of "Unit Testing" has, so far, failed to gain traction.



      --- In extremeprogramming@yahoogroups.com, Josue Barbosa dos Santos <josuesantos@...> wrote:
      > In the last couple of months several online discussions took place
      > about test first vs test last, code-to-test ratios or whether BDD is
      > really just TDD. InfoQ asked renown TDD and BDD experts to give us
      > their take on the usage of TDD, BDD and testing ratios.
      > The panelists:
      > J. B. Rainsberg - Consultant and TDD expert, blogs at The Code Whisperer
      > Dan North - Lean Technology Specialist at DRW Trading Group, coined
      > the term Behaviour Driven Development (BDD)
      > Gojko Adzic - Consultant, author of 'Specification by Example' and
      > 'Bridging the Communication Gap'
      > Ron Jeffries - Independent consultant in XP and Agile methods, coached
      > the original XP project
      > Steve Freeman - Agile trainer and consultant, author of 'Growing
      > Object Oriented Software, Guided by Tests'
      > More here:
      > http://www.infoq.com/articles/virtual-panel-tdd-bdd
      > --
      > Abraços,
      > Josué
      > http://twitter.com/josuesantos
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