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RE: [XP] Agile adoption benefits and limitations research:seeking for agile practitioners

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  • Adam SoliƄski
    @Kay, Hi I don t mean that agile approaches don t have a plan. One cannot simply do anything without a plan. However, I have based the naming of the categories
    Message 1 of 41 , Jun 28, 2012


      I don't mean that agile approaches don't have a plan. One cannot simply do
      anything without a plan.

      However, I have based the naming of the categories - "plan-driven" and
      "agile" (as these mean 2 different approaches) on literature from IT
      conferences, journals and workshops. The existing naming is not completely
      systematic, but this is what can be found in papers from IEEE, ACM,
      Springerlink etc. Of course I agree that saying that agile or lean follow
      no plan is a misconception. If that appears misleading, I will have to
      reconsider that. However, "traditional methods" and "waterfall" are of
      quite different levels of abstraction..


      Hi Steven,

      The main research is based on a targeted survey of about 10 well known
      ongoing software projects, along with follow-up interviews etc. The idea of
      getting information from practitioners from discussion groups, blogs etc.
      is to compare the actually identified perceptions of benefits and
      limitations, show how they refer to a larger sample what could lead to
      interesting conclusions. We want to get as many answers as we can from
      different perspectives, get the perception opinions as well, see what
      people expect or feel they achieve applying agile approaches.

      There has been a number of researches that investigated the benefits,
      limitations that we used as input for this study. New case studies,
      literature reviews (I mean at least newer than 2009) have shown no
      novelties in this field, that's why we decided to do it that way. We give
      the participants a chance to comment the survey or leave contact
      information for follow-up questions. We have already got many positive
      comments on our study from several countries. Of course I agree that the
      best research would be a one based on a constant observation of projects
      over time, but.. Time is a ruthless constraint. Resources for a Master's
      degree project are very limited.

      Best regards,

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    • Kay A Pentecost
      Hey, Curtis, I knew you weren t confusing me... and it s okay. I know you re wise and wonderful and witty!! Kay
      Message 41 of 41 , Jul 10, 2012
        Hey, Curtis,

        I knew you weren't confusing me... and it's okay. I know you're wise and
        wonderful and witty!!


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        > > Hey, Curtis,
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        > > Don't confuse me with someone who wants to change established terms. I'm
        > > serious about those questions. I have no judgment about the term.
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        > > I hadn't heard the term until today... or I missed it when it was used.
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        > > I just want to know what it means and how it came about.
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        > > Sorry for the confusion, Kay. I'm not confusing you with anyone, I was
        > just referencing another, longer, more bitter, discussion we had earlier
        > on
        > terms. Just trying to be witty ;)
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