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Agile adoption benefits and limitations research:seeking for agile practitioners

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  • agileadam8
    Dear Practitioners, There is a great opportunity to contribute to the knowledge of lean and agile development! We are looking for
    Message 1 of 41 , Jun 28, 2012
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      Dear Practitioners,

      There is a great opportunity to contribute to the knowledge of lean and agile development! We are looking for organizations/companies/practitioners that are willing to share their experience with agile approaches. You will get feedback from researchers belonging to a high-ranked research institution. Once the research is completed, the results will be shared among the participants and all the known agile communities!

      The research is addressed to anybody who interacts with software development processes, both: adopters that have used agile for some time as well as new adopters. Each organization/company provides answers from different perspectives (e.g., development, project management, product management, quality assurance, etc.). The goal is to receive as many answers as possible for each perspective. All data will be kept anonymous.

      The survey is available at: http://goo.gl/Cl4Ku It will only take you approximately 20 minutes to complete the survey.

      The situation: A number of researches have shown that organizations move from their plan-driven approaches toward lean and agile methodologies. That leads to both: benefits and limitations. Moreover, what has been observed is that the applied methodologies are very often hybrids of agile and plan-driven approaches (eg. Scrum + XP, XP + V-model etc.).

      The problem: the effects of using agile methods in industry are not well understood. Process changes can affect a variety of parameters, like productivity, quality, motivation, etc. There is little information of what organizations expect from agile adoption and what they actually achieve over time (short-term vs. long-term).

      The instrument: the survey consists of a few steps. First you will be asked to provide context information to allow further results comparisons. Secondly, you will be asked to define your organization/company development process in terms of agile and plan-driven practices. Then, using cumulative voting method you will be asked to rank agile adoption benefits and limitations that you are experiencing with your current development approach.

      Please direct any questions or feedback to my account or just post below. I will do my best to reply ASAP. Thank you in advance,

      Kind regards,

      P.S. We would be grateful if you could distribute the survey further in agile communities. http://goo.gl/Cl4Ku
    • Kay A Pentecost
      Hey, Curtis, I knew you weren t confusing me... and it s okay. I know you re wise and wonderful and witty!! Kay
      Message 41 of 41 , Jul 10, 2012
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        Hey, Curtis,

        I knew you weren't confusing me... and it's okay. I know you're wise and
        wonderful and witty!!


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        > > Hey, Curtis,
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        > > Don't confuse me with someone who wants to change established terms. I'm
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        > > I hadn't heard the term until today... or I missed it when it was used.
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        > > I just want to know what it means and how it came about.
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        > > Sorry for the confusion, Kay. I'm not confusing you with anyone, I was
        > just referencing another, longer, more bitter, discussion we had earlier
        > on
        > terms. Just trying to be witty ;)
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