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Re: Keys to success in a Manifiesto

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  • JeffGrigg
    ... [The main site appears to be down. Below is what seems to be what is intended by the Digital Solidarity Manifesto. ] Digital Solidarity Manifesto
    Message 1 of 3 , May 19, 2012
      --- "gusridd" <gusridd@...> wrote:
      > Hi, i'm new to this group and i'd like to make a question
      > to the community:
      > I'm representing a group of programmers from Chile that support
      > the agile manifesto. Recently in our country a new movement is
      > emerging due to the catastrophic events that have occurred in
      > the past years that hopes to go beyond the agile manifesto
      > putting emphasis on collaboration and solidarity, we call it
      > The Digital Solidarity Manifesto.
      > We would like to ask which were the success keys for having
      > such a great community. We have found some keys that we found
      > important and we'd appreciate your validation.
      > ...
      > Have you ever come across this success keys in your
      > community history?
      > Do you recognize some other success keys that we are missing?
      > We believe in learning from the past and from other's experiences.
      > Thanks for your time.

      [The main site appears to be down. Below is what seems to be what is intended by the "Digital Solidarity Manifesto."]

      Digital Solidarity Manifesto

      As digital professionals we commit to put our knowledge, skills and experience to the service of mankind.

      Through this work we want to invite to:
      - Go beyond well-crafted software, towards software that matters
      - Go beyond steadily adding value towards constantly making this world a better place
      - Go beyond a community of professionals towards a global culture of digital solidarity
      - Go beyond productive partnerships towards a fraternity that takes care of the needy

      That is, if the items on the left are necessary for developing useful software and creating business value, we consider that the goals on the right also deserve our skills, energy and passion.
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