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Extended Call for XP2012 until December 11, 2011

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  • Erik
    December 11, 2011: New extended deadline for initial submissions to XP2012 (You find the original XP2012 call for papers with submission rules at the end of
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      December 11, 2011: New extended deadline for initial submissions to

      (You find the original XP2012 call for papers with submission rules at
      the end of this email.)
      Thank you for all the interesting initial submissions made so far to
      XP2012! (XP2012 is in Malmö, Sweden: May 21-25, 2012) However, we
      would like to get more proposals on some of the more novel aspects of
      XP2012. Like the theme Agile by Design <http://blog.xp2012.org/?p=24>
      or The Industry's Interest in Agile <http://blog.xp2012.org/?p=73> .
      Or maybe you like to say "Over here!" in reply to: Any Lean
      Startups at XP2012? <http://blog.xp2012.org/?p=77> You can get some
      inspiration by the videos on the XP2012 Challenge at
      http://xp2012.org/video <http://xp2012.org/video> and the
      bloghttp://blog.xp2012.org <http://blog.xp2012.org/> . There is also
      an opportunity to do an early registration at http://xp2012.org/register
      <http://xp2012.org/register> Update: Another agile team has joined
      the XP2012 Team Challenge <http://blog.xp2012.org/?p=53> : A team that
      builds software for SAAB Gripen jet software will build working software
      in iterations onsite at XP2012 during the conference week. . FYI: You
      find the call for proposals at http://xp2012.org/cfp
      <http://xp2012.org/cfp> and the submission links at
      http://xp2012.org/submit <http://xp2012.org/submit> We have extended
      the initial submission deadline until December 11, 2011. After December
      11 we intend to focus on interactive review to help you refine your
      initial submissions until Jan 3, 2012. We will employ an initial
      review process aimed at helping you improve your proposals which
      combines elements and the spirit of the Patterns Writers Workshop and
      the Perfection Game. (Many thanks to Willem van Ende who shared his
      experiences on review processes at the ALE2011 conference in Berlin)
      After Jan 3, 2012 our focus will be on building a great program for
      XP2012 with a selection of your proposals. That's why we like your
      proposals to include options on how you think you can deliver them. By
      suggesting several formats in your proposals, your chance to get
      accepted greatly improves. Maybe our new take on tech demos and
      technical tutorials inspires you? (Why Rules for Tech Demos
      <http://blog.xp2012.org/?p=59> ) 70% of the added value in some
      industries depends on superior software development. Not office packages
      but custom development of industrial control and/or embedded and
      safety-critical systems, thus our interest in proposals onEmbedded and
      Safety-Critical Agile <http://blog.xp2012.org/?p=64> . We also would
      like to see more of What's up Your Sleeve
      <http://blog.xp2012.org/?p=75> and we also like to see serious
      craftsmanship in a form likeMature Agility – Thriving on A Riff
      <http://blog.xp2012.org/?p=74> You find the original call for
      proposals at the end of this email! See you in Malmö Sweden May
      21-25, 2012 Erik Lundh General Chair XP2012 The original annual
      agile/lean conference since XP2000 We have made a series of blogposts
      at blog.xp2012.org <http://blog.xp2012.org/> and some videos at
      xp2012.org/video <http://xp2012.org/video> . If the links in this
      email has not survived you can find them here: XP2012 website:
      http://xp2012.org <http://xp2012.org/> XP2012 Registration:
      http://xp2012.org/register <http://xp2012.org/register> XP2012 Call for
      Proposals: http://xp2012.org/cfp <http://xp2012.org/cfp> XP2012
      Submissions: http://xp2012.org/submit <http://xp2012.org/submit> XP2012
      Videos: http://xp2012.org/video <http://xp2012.org/video> XP2012 Blog:
      http://blog.xp2012.org <http://blog.xp2012.org/> Agile by Design:
      http://blog.xp2012.org/?p=24 <http://blog.xp2012.org/?p=24> The
      Industry's Interest in Agile: http://blog.xp2012.org/?p=73
      <http://blog.xp2012.org/?p=73> Any Lean Startups at XP2012?:
      http://blog.xp2012.org/?p=77 <http://blog.xp2012.org/?p=77> XP2012 Team
      Challenge: http://blog.xp2012.org/?p=53 <http://blog.xp2012.org/?p=53>
      Why Rules for Tech Demos: http://blog.xp2012.org/?p=59
      <http://blog.xp2012.org/?p=59> Embedded and Safety-Critical Agile:
      http://blog.xp2012.org/?p=64 <http://blog.xp2012.org/?p=64> What's
      up Your Sleeve: http://blog.xp2012.org/?p=75
      <http://blog.xp2012.org/?p=75> Mature Agility – Thriving on A Riff:
      http://blog.xp2012.org/?p=74 <http://blog.xp2012.org/?p=74> The
      original XP2012 call for papers, with one adjusted date: Call for XP
      2012 (The 13th International Conference on Agile Software Development)
      Call for Submissions to XP 2012 (http://xp2012.org/ <http://xp2012.org/>
      ) Submissions invited: We invite the following contributions to the
      conference: • Research papers • Tutorials • Workshops •
      Talks (both 45 minute and 10 minute "lightning" varieties) •
      Demonstrations of agile programming techniques and non-commercial tools
      • Panel debates • Experience report All submitters except
      those submitting Research Papers should make a preliminary submission
      before December 11,2011 (mandatory). The contributors of tutorials,
      workshops, talks, demonstrations, panels and experience reports will
      receive feedback from the conference reference groups, and are expected
      to provide final versions of their submissions according to the schedule
      below. More information about submitting your contribution can be found
      through the home page of the conference: http://xp2012.org
      <http://xp2012.org/> . Important dates:
      • December 11, 2011 – Preliminary submission deadline (except
      for research papers)
      • January 3, 2012 – Final submission deadline (all types of
      • February 21, 2012 – Feedback to contributors
      • March 10 – Final versions due Research paper submissions:
      Research papers must be submitted through EasyChair:
      <http://www.easychair.org/conferences/?conf=xp2012> An international
      program committee will review all submissions. We are soliciting full
      and short research papers. Full papers are limited to 15 pages and short
      papers 8 pages. The goal of short papers is to promote current work,
      research, practices, experiences, and issues that are not at a
      sufficiently mature stage yet to be submitted as full papers.
      Formatting guidelines can be found through:
      <http://www.springer.com/series/7911> . Papers not following the
      guidelines will be rejected. The XP2012 conference proceedings will be
      published in Springer Lecture Notes in Business Information Processing
      (LNBIP). The best papers will be invited to submit an extended versionto
      a special section of the Journal of Information and Software Technology.

      General information
      The 13th International Conference on Agile Software Development, XP2012,
      is a leading international conference on agile methods in software and
      information systems development. XP2012 will be located in Malmö in
      the southern part of Sweden with easy access from Copenhagen Airport in
      Denmark. The conference brings together both industrial practitioners
      and researchers in the fields of information systems and software
      development, and examines latest theory, practical applications, and
      implications of agile methods. For more information about XP 2012,
      please visit http://xp2012.org <http://xp2012.org/> . Conference
      theme: Agile by Design – Deliberately going Agile in small teams and
      large organizations, designing systems, workplaces and organizations
      that enable agility. Areas of interest We are inviting high quality
      submissions related to agile software development. This year´s theme
      is "Agile by Design". Topics of particular interest in the
      conference include, but are not restricted to, the following:
      Agile/Lean by Design
      • Deliberate Agility • TDD by Design The Agile Classics •
      Full XP - or not? Agile Perspectives • Agile - Back to The Future?
      • Agile approaches that sustain innovation • Production is not
      development Agile Challenges in Industry • Agile and architectural
      integrity • Agile platforms and product lines • Agile and third
      party suppliers. • Communicating through tests Leadership/executive
      perspectives • Agile contracts – the context • Stronger
      customer relationships • Agile Culture - A competitive advantage
      Welcome On behalf of the organizing committee and the research program
      committee, I would like to welcome your submissions to XP 2012
      Claes Wohlin Research Program Chair, XP 2012 Blekinge Institute of
      Technology, Sweden

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