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Re: [XP] Re: CFP Very Important: Security Issues in Agile Survey

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  • Ahmed Alnatheer
    Hi Jeff,             First of all thank you for taking the survey, however I need to make a few points. If any of you still haven t taken the
    Message 1 of 3 , Jul 3, 2011
      Hi Jeff,
                  First of all thank you for taking the survey, however I need to make a few points. If any of you still haven't taken the survey please go ahead and complete the survey so this discussion makes sense to you:
      I will address the TDD comments in that respective group but I want to urge everyone not to read any comments about the survey until you have completed it first because we do not want any undue influence or bias to enter the results as this will reduce the quality of the survey and weaken the strength of the findings. The point of this survey is to gage the opinions of practitioners on a few proposed solutions that are making rounds in research on the topics of Agile and Security. We are not advocating for or against any of the proposed solutions, the point of the survey is to simply gather opinions (however speculative) and the collective responses and the degree of agreement/disagreement with each statement serves to affirm or deny certain proposals.

      Of course, we have already conducted detailed interviews with some of the best security engineers, developers, managers and consultants on these topics and this is not the point of this survey. We need a broader set of opinions to see if the opinions of a few experts are matched with the broader community's opinions on the issues. Once we find the most agreed upon topics we will then create more elaborate and in depth scenarios to understand why and how these solutions could be useful and effective in practice.

      Again, nobody is advocating the adoption of any solutions, only asking your opinions on a number of statements.

      Thanks you All,

      From: JeffGrigg <jeffreytoddgrigg@...>
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      Sent: Saturday, July 2, 2011 10:14 PM
      Subject: [XP] Re: CFP Very Important: Security Issues in Agile Survey

      I do like to support the efforts of students. ...however misguided they may appear to be. ;->

      So I encourage people to take his survey.

      You might want to consider the comments on the TDD list before taking the survey:

      At this time, no one is saying to not take the survey. But I think that the question of experience with a dedicated "security" professional is particularly relevant in this context, given the XP tradition of speaking of what one has done rather than speaking about one might think might work.

      Consider the comments.
      Take the survey.
      Helping students with their studies improves your karma.

      --- Ahmed Alnatheer <ahmed142080@...> wrote:
      > Dear friends,
      > My name is Ahmed Alnatheer and I'm currently conducting empirical research full-time on the topic of Security Issues in Agile Methodologies. I am currently looking into finding effective means to integrate the two disciplines of Security and Agile in order to make a more robust and seamless methodology for Engineers and Developers to follow. My work is being supervised by two supervisors: Dr Andy Gravell & Dr David Argles from the University of Southampton in UK.
      > I would very much welcome you to share your ideas on this interesting topic by participating in the following survey:
      > https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/JM6BKBX
      > Thank you very much,
      > Ahmed Alnatheer
      > PhD Candidate
      > School of Electronics and Computer Science
      > University of Southampton, UK

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