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Perfect refactoring browser editors suck

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  • Phlip
    Extremists: A perfect refactoring browser is one that s so accurate you never need to run the developer tests after hitting the Extract Variable or
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      A "perfect" refactoring browser is one that's so accurate you never need to
      run the developer tests after hitting the "Extract Variable" or "Extract
      Method" button.

      I have waited a decade for widespread editor support for refactoring in my
      favorite languages - C++, Ruby, Python, etc. - and I expect to wait another

      Meanwhile, Java has awesome refactoring editors because the language itself
      is so verbose and persnickety. What one hand giveth, the other hand taketh

      Editor support would improve if their programmers would treat refactors as
      low-level edits, just like "move line up or down", and if the refactors came
      with a big warning label:

      run your developer tests after running this refactor.
      then examine your code for any variables or
      methods that the extractor missed, and manually
      convert them. We are only here to save you

      A contrary suggestion:


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