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New England Agile Bazaar meeting 05/06/10: Agile and Architecture

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    What: New England Agile Bazaar May meeting Topic: Agile and Architecture: Crossing the Great Divide Speaker: Nanette Brown When: Thursday May 6 6pm -
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      What: New England Agile Bazaar May meeting
      Topic: Agile and Architecture: Crossing the Great Divide
      Speaker: Nanette Brown
      When: Thursday May 6 6pm - 9pm
      Where: IBM Innovation Center, 404 Wyman Street, North Entrance, Waltham, MA
      Cost: Free including food, courtesy of our sponsors

      Details and RSVP at http://www.agilebazaar.org

      ------------------- SPONSORS
      AccuRev http://www.accurev.com/
      Avid http://www.avid.com/
      BigVisible Solutions http://www.bigvisible.com/
      Constant Contact http://www.constantcontact.com/
      IBM http://www.ibm.com/us/en/
      Lean-Agile Partners http://www.leanagilepartners.com/
      Rally Software http://www.rallydev.com/
      VersionOne http://versionone.com/

      ------------------- ABSTRACT
      Agile development and software architecture are frequently seen as two divergent schools of thought or ¡§camps¡¨. Agile developers often refer to architecture as Big Design Upfront (BDUF) and may regard the architect¡¦s major output as merely shelf-ware. Proponents of architecture-centric software development may see Agilists as undisciplined or short-sighted, engaged in endless rounds of refactoring which architectural foresight could have forestalled.

      In reality, Agile development and software architecture practices are complementary. Focused attention on architectural concerns becomes critical as Agile development scales-up to handle larger and more complex systems. Agile development¡¦s focus on customer value, rapid feedback and response to change can provide practices that assist Architects in dealing with ever more volatile environments and increasingly compressed delivery cycles.

      In this presentation, we will take a journey to each camp to dispel misconceptions and discuss how Agilists and Architects can learn from and benefit each other.

      Our Speaker:
      Nanette Brown is a Visiting Scientist with the Software Engineering Institute¡¦s (SEI) Research, Technology and System Solutions Program and is a Principal Consultant with NoteWell Consulting. She is currently engaged in an SEI Research Project on ¡§Communicating the Value of Architecting within Agile Development¡¨ as well as other activities focusing on architecture within an Agile context.

      Previously, Nanette worked at Pitney Bowes Inc., most recently as Director of Architecture and Quality Management, where she was responsible for design and implementation of a customized SDLC that blended RUP and Agile practices. Nanette has presented at multiple industry conferences including SD Best Practices and Project World and the World Conference of Business Analysts on topics including Facilitated Iteration Planning and using the SEI scenario-based approach to specify quality attributes.

      ------------------- UPCOMING EVENTS
      Saturday 05/15/10 - 05/16/10:
      Deep Agile 2010.

      Please visit Agile Bazaar website for more details and to register for these events.

      ------------------- ABOUT AGILE BAZAAR
      New England Agile Bazaar is the leading community of Agile enthusiasts,practitioners and learners in New England. Based in Boston, we are committedto fostering a greater knowledge of Agile values and practices. We are alearning community focused on broadening our own understanding as well asspreading that knowledge to the broader community of professionals in thearea.

      New England Agile Bazaar is both an Agile Alliance affiliate and an ACM chapter.
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