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Re: [XP] Newbie

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  • David Emme
    Thanks to all who gave some great advice. Have not had a chance to look at every response but definely know how you feel as rather there is so much online now
    Message 1 of 23 , Mar 14, 2010
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      Thanks to all who gave some great advice. Have not had a chance to look at every response but definely know how you feel as rather there is so much online now for free I wish had acess to years agowhether learning how to play guitar or actually how to invest and be profitable at it. For me, hoping to do a blog showing free resources for investing to learn and a common sense way of investing that so many will overwhelm with so many offers for software-I would say almost everytime you will be ponying more money then a service or software is worth as thewy know quite a few are regular folk with not all the money to fork over will try to get you to fork it over with the ideal it takes money to make money-when a service or software more then likely is worth a few hundred bucks will try to get you to pony up several thousands of dollars and a year later will try the same thing telling you with their service you will make it all back.

      Please, if anyone is thinking of getting into investing-please let me know so I can help you find free or near free software and services.

      Me, if they really want you as a customer-they will discount I would say about 90% as I tend to think it is more of a umbers game-if they do not get you, they will get some sucker.

      Even if you just want to find if a 401 k is better for one person compared to another.

      The one time I have been able to help someone is my dest friend sent me stuff I went and looked at for a 401 k and saw a ranging fund cannot remember if once a week or twice a month but got paid a .05 dividend quite often. I told him to get out of that fund knowing how he just stared as if you have 25k to 100k to drop inot a fund and money coming out every paycheck-this would be good but if you start with 100 dollars and 50 bucks a paycheck-might as well cash out now because you will not make money except maybe if you are 18 and just starting out which he was not.

      If you do not know what I mean with ranging is clearly support and resistance and it never goes past those for example say you do some stock research and find this one stock that keeps going up to 20 from 15 and never gores higher or goes down to 10 and starts goiung up-this is great for stocks but only good for funds with a decent dividend.

      I say it this way because if you buy your own stocks you can seel and then short wants it hit resistance and vice versa. With funds they want to tag you 5% of the net worth which you still pay taxes for and am not sure with whomever you have your fund with will alow you to short.

      am not saying I am any expert but know a bit more then the avg person and sometimes when you get into all this, it is not hard reading the tea leaves. Maybe 3-4 weeks before everything plunged in this recession and cannot exactly say how and why other then the dow was long due a correction and seeing how fast and far it was going up and up to really ungodly numbers-just knew when something broke it would break hard and it did.

      Saying all this-I am not looking for business and do not ever charge for anything like this exept as many of you are giving me the benefit of your experiance I hope to do the same am fairly knowledgable about.

      Other then this in the NFL can tell you who to take straight up.

      Oh yes, can tell you some great stories from my time in the service and anything with Christianity as far as theology and philosophy are my interests as well.

      --- In extremeprogramming@yahoogroups.com, Tim Ottinger <linux_tim@...> wrote:
      > > David, download Ruby (which is free) and read this
      > > tutorial (also free)
      > > http://mislav.uniqpath.com/poignant-guide/book/chapter-1.html
      > This is so. Also try python, which comes with a nice tutorial and
      > is likewise fun to play with. Either python or ruby would be a great
      > place to start. I envy you, getting to start now when there is such
      > great software for free and so much published freely.
      > Regardless of language and approach, I think you'll be a little frustrated
      > because there is a lot to learn. Don't give up. Just start slowly and make
      > steady progress.
      > User interfaces (graphical, web, etc) can be a long slog, and you'll probably
      > want to learn to save and retrieve date from files and databases.
      > Hang in there. Start with small easy things, and teach yourself the basics.
      > Then go find some open source software that does what you would like to do,
      > and start reading it. You might learn some great things and maybe only
      > have to do a fraction of the programming yourself. If you build one or two
      > new features, you might be able to get them published in the official project.
      > Even if the open source project doesn't accept your work, you can still use
      > and enjoy it.
      > tim
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