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ANN: NUnit 2.5.3 Released

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  • Charlie Poole
    Hi All, NUnit 2.5.3 is now available at http://launchpad.net/nunitv2. See the release notes below. Charlie NUnit 2.5.3 - Version - December 11, 2009
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 12, 2009
      Hi All,

      NUnit 2.5.3 is now available at http://launchpad.net/nunitv2.

      See the release notes below.


      NUnit 2.5.3 - Version - December 11, 2009

      Note: This is the first release of NUnit on Launchpad.

      New Features

      * Test execution under .NET 4.0 is now supported. It may be selected in the
      Gui runner or using the console runner /framework option. NUnit test
      may specify .NET 4.0 as the required framework to be used for loading the
      project. PlatformAttribute allows testing for .NET 4.0.

      * The distribution now includes nunit-agent-x86.exe, which is used for
      tests in a separate process under nunit-x86.exe or nunit-console-x86.exe
      the target framework is .NET 2.0 or greater.

      * Static methods Contains.Substring() and Contains.Item() have been added to
      NUnit syntax for compatibility with NUnitLite.

      * Non-public test fixtures are now allowed in all cases, whether the
      TestFixtureAttribute is present or not.

      * Abstract classes may now be marked with TestFixtureAttribute to indicate
      derived classes are to be treated as test fixtures. The abstract class is
      longer marked as invalid.

      * Fixtures without tests are no longer shown as non-runnable but are simply
      executed. If the fixture setup or teardown does not cause an error, they
      reported as inconclusive.

      Bug Fixes

      * Reloading tests in the Gui no longer uses the default runtime if a
      runtime was previously selected.

      * Thread principal is now saved before each test and restored afterward
      failures under .NET 4.0.

      * Assume.That() overload with a message no longer results in test failure.

      * An expected Result of null is now handled correctly on parameterized

      * Duplicate caching of metadata has been eliminated, resolving a load
      problem when many methods are inherited from a base class.

      * The names of nested generic and non-generic classes are now displayed

      * Assert.Catch<T> now correctly returns exception type T rather than

      * ValueSourceAttribute now works correctly when used with an external type.

      * The /domain=None option on nunit-console once again works correctly.

      * Parameterized test fixture names are now displayed with the actual
      arguments used
      so that failures may be associated with the correct instantiation of the

      * Test labels for generics are now displayed correctly by the console runner
      in the Gui text output tab.

      * Generic fixtures without type attributes provided are now shown as
      rather than causing a runtime error. (1)

      * Use of an unknown file type in the console command line no longer causes
      an error. (2)

      * A number of tests that ran incorrectly under Linux have been fixed.

      * A number of tests failing under .NET 4.0 have been fixed.


      1. As a side effect of this fix, TestFixtureAttribute on a base class is
      overridden by a TestFixtureAttribute on the derived class.

      2. This was originally reported as "crash when using /option in linux."
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