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Agile Bazaar - Boston area upcoming events

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  • Nancy Van Schooenderwoert
    Hi, folks - I ll keep this short and sweet because you can get all the details on our website at http://www.agilebazaar.org/ We ve got two excellent upcoming
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 3, 2009
      Hi, folks -

      I'll keep this short and sweet because you can get all the details on
      our website at http://www.agilebazaar.org/

      We've got two excellent upcoming events in the greater Boston area:

      "The Voyage toward Agility: an Experience Report"

      Date: Sept 17, 2009 @ 6:00 PM - our regular monthly meeting
      Location: Harvard Pilgrim Health Care, Wellesley MA
      Cost: Free - includes food
      Presenter: Dan LeFebvre

      Registration is required to attend this event.
      This is the journey of a 700 person engineering organization toward
      agility through Scrum. This is the story of how a CTO noticed the
      slowing down of his group and what he did about it. It continues with
      how that group implemented agile practices and adapted them.


      Team Technical Agility: A Special Program offered by Agile Bazaar

      Date: Monday, October 5 2009, 8:00am - 5:00pm
      Location: Greater Boston metro west area. Exact venue to be announced.
      Cost: $65 (includes lunch). A hardship price of $35 is available for
      professionals in career transition.

      Instructor: Alan Shalloway, Principal at Net Objectives

      Team agility occurs when the whole team (customers, developers, testers,
      integrators) can deliver software on a frequent and efficient basis. It
      requires frequent feedback to ensure discovery of customer needs and an
      efficient process to be able to complete their implementation quickly.

      (See full course outline at http://www.agilebazaar.org/ )


      Don't delay - signup for both events has started and we expect to
      fill all the seats! These are top quality events - we keep the costs low
      as a service to our agile community.

      - Nancy V, for New England Agile Bazaar

      Nancy Van Schooenderwoert, Lean-Agile Partners Inc.

      781 301 1822 US mobile


      Specialties: Agile coaching for Embedded Systems, for Data Migrations,
      and for leadership of Lean-Agile change organization wide
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