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Agile 2009 Conference - hotel deadline Aug 14!

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  • Nancy Van Schooenderwoert
    Aug 14 is the last day for the conference rate at the hotel. To make your reservation, contact the Hyatt Regency hotel in Chicago - a link to them appears at
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 12, 2009
      Aug 14 is the last day for the conference rate at the hotel. To make
      your reservation, contact the Hyatt Regency hotel in Chicago - a link
      to them appears at the top of this page:

      The conference is now a week away! It is now time to dig into the
      program make select the sessions you'll attend.

      In this email:
      * An iPhone App to manage your conference program
      * Jared M. Pool's keynote
      * Conference wiki
      * Other conferences
      * Programming with the Stars
      * 5-pack registration rate

      ------->>> An iPhone App to manage your conference program! <<<-------

      ThoughtWorks, one of our sponsors, has just released an iPhone App to
      help manage your program. We have already downloaded it from the
      iTunes App Store, and it's fantastic!
      The name is "Agile 2009 Conference Connection" -- it can be found
      easily on the App Store. Do a search on "Agile 2009 Conference

      Here are the details:
      * lets you browse the conference program and check the room map for
      each session (works offline)
      * lets you build your own program by simple click on the pre-loaded
      program (works offline)
      * lets you read the conference Twitter feed (using the #agile2009
      hashtag) & lets you post your own tweet, if you have an account
      (requires an internet connection)
      * features a "What's Hot" menu that sorts and lists the 10 most
      popular sessions per day, determined by total number of people who
      have the app and have added that session to their schedule
      * features a handy copy of the Agile Manifesto
      * works over a wifi connection, saving you the 3G fees
      * works on iPhone and iPod Touch alike -- required OS 3.0
      * does not need an account on the conference website
      * the sessions will be updated with the latest changes once provided
      by the conference committee
      * link for iTunes:


      Feel free to steal screenshots from

      ------->>> Jared M. Pool's keynote <<<-------

      Jared is a well-known expert in User Interface Engineering. At the
      banquet on Thursday 27th, he will talk about what a design team needs
      to do a good job in his keynote "The Dawning of the Age of
      One of the things that Jared will debate is the importance of 3
      central questions:
      * Understanding the purpose of vision "Does everyone on your team know
      what the experience will be like interacting with your offerings five
      years from now?"
      * Having a solid feedback mechanism "In the last six weeks, have your
      team members spent at least two hours watching people experience your
      product or service?"
      * Living in a culture that relishes failure "In the last six weeks, has
      your senior management held a celebration of a recently introduced
      design problem?"

      Doesn't that ring a bell? It seems that there are more bridges between
      Agile practices and User Experience Design than what might have been
      Don't miss the banquet on Thursday 27th and come hear Jared!

      ------->>> The conference wiki is live! <<<-------

      Check out http://agile2009.pbworks.com/
      Feel free to add pointers to blogs, sites, tweets.
      Also contains a page dedicated to participants willing to share their
      hotel room and the costs with others.

      Any participant can request write access to the conference wiki.

      ------->>> Other conferences <<<-------

      Agile 2009 is not the only thing happening in Chicago at the end of
      August / early September.
      You might want to check out these conferences as well:
      * Agile Alliance Functional Testing Tools (AAFTT) Workshop, hosted by
      Agile 2009: http://agile2009.agilealliance.org/programOverview
      * Software Craftsmanship North America: http://scna.softwarecraftsman
      * Pattern Languages of Programs (PLoP), right on the heels of Agile
      2009: http://www.hillside.net/plop/2009/
      * JBoss World & Red Hat Summit: http://www.jbossworld.com/

      Check out this handy Google Calendar with dates of all these conferences:

      ------->>> Programming with the Stars <<<-------

      The pair of programmers have been selected!

      Come and cheer them at lunch time. Only one pair must remain!

      ------->>> 5-pack registration saves $400 per person! <<<-------

      There are now no more Early Bird Rates for the conference.
      The 5-pack registration is the cheapest way to get in. Yes, with $400
      saved per person in your party. Come with friends and colleagues!

      Go to http://agile2009.agilealliance.org/ and choose "Register".

      There's no better way to check out the benefits of Agile for your
      company than to turn your thought leaders loose among hundreds of
      expert-led sessions at Agile 2009. See you there!

      - Nancy Van Schooenderwoert and Eric Lefevre-Ardant
      Marketing Stage Production committee

      Nancy Van Schooenderwoert, Lean-Agile Partners Inc.

      781 301 1822 US mobile


      Specialties: Agile coaching for Embedded Systems, for Data Migrations,
      and for leadership of Lean-Agile change organization wide
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