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Institute of Agile Practice

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  • S M Kripanidhi
    There has been some good news that I wish to share with all of you, especially those interested in Agile Practices. Inspired by XP and what Kent Beck conceived
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 23, 2009
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      There has been some good news that I wish to share with all of you, especially those interested in Agile Practices.

      Inspired by XP and what Kent Beck conceived and wrote in Chapter-21: Purity, XP Second Edition, we have now decided to implement it in practice. IAP also draws its inspiration from the Agile Values and Principles as set out by the Agile Alliance and the APLN's Declaration of Independence.

      Binary Essentials has formally decided to sponsor and incubate an "Institute of Agile Practice" (IAP). IAP will operate as an independent Consortium of Agile Practitioners.

      IAP will be set up to create opportunities for potential Agile Practitioners to engage in experiential learning of Agile Values, Principles and Practices, in real-time simulated agile projects that they can participate in a group-mode, in their own free time, from their own workplaces or homes, as in a virtual dispersed agile team environment, collaboratively and completely FREE of charge.

      The charter of IAP also includes a program for recognizing and rewarding good Agile Practitioners by way of accrediting them as a "Certified Agile Practitioner" and their empanelment as an Accredited Member of the Institute of Agile Practice. For purposes of accreditation we will enroll members in the following four classes of Agile Practitioners.

      1. Customer/ Product Owner Class ( Customers, Stakeholders, End-Users, Product Managers, Sponsors of Agile Projects)
      2. Management / Agile Leadership Class ( CXOs, Program Managers, People/HR Managers, Project Managers, Scrum Masters)
      3. Technical / Agile Engineering Class ( Software Architects, Engineering Specialists, Process and Quality Managers)
      4. Developer / Team Member Class ( Programmers, Testers, Software Developers, Team Members in Agile Teams)

      The evaluation and assessment for such accreditation will be based their actual ability to successfully implement agile practices in such collaborative simulated projects, in which they will have to participate in a self-organizing group environment. The quality of results they are able to produce in such a self-organizing collaborative group-work situation, incrementally and iteratively in an environment of empirical learning and adaptive planning, will also be used for the purposes of such assessment.

      IAP is designed to work purely on donations and voluntary contributions and/or sponsorships from the community of agile practitioners and organizations in the agile practice industry. Individual Membership to IAP will entail a commitment of a "sweat-equity" i.e.. a commitment to devote and contribute a minimum of 10 man-days of individual member's effort in one calendar year towards participating and working on various activities, projects, events and programs of IAP. In the event of default on committed "sweat-equity", the membership can be terminated or allowed to be condoned against contribution of monetary penalties.

      I am appending the proposed Vision, Values and Charter drafted for the Institute of Agile Practice at the end of this email. We are planning to formally launch the "Institute of Agile Practice" as an entity on 28th September 2009 (Vijaydashami Day). In the meanwhile I have started a discussion forum on yahoogroups to interact and secure further innovative and creative ideas and feedback from all of you in a collaborative learning mode.

      I invite all of you and any of your friends and acquaintances who may be interested in furthering the cause of Agile Practice to become a member of this discussion group and contribute your ideas through interactive discussions on the subject and enable IAP accomplish its objectives in the shortest possible time. Please feel free to send this invitation to any of your friends or colleagues who may be interested.

      You can join us at IAP by sending an email to < InstituteofAgilePractice-subscribe@yahoogroups.com > or join our group online at the following URL : http://tech.groups.yahoo.com/group/InstituteofAgilePractice/ . I look forward to meeting you all there on this discussion forum.

      I take this opportunity to assure all of you that the "Institute of Agile Practice" will soon set an example of how a true community of effective Agile Practitioners can be built and nurtured in a virtual collaborative and participative shared learning environment.

      I take great pleasure to request and invite all of you personally, in the agile practice community, to join, participate, learn, support and contribute in this collective endeavor set up for the benefit of all of us.

      Best Wishes


      Managing Director
      Binary Essentials Consulting Private Limited
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