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Re: [good] [XP] Preparing XP for the big projects

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  • Chris Wheeler
    Adam, you appear quite passionate about research and XP. Since this research clearly isn t up to your standard, or even necessary, would you suggest a few
    Message 1 of 30 , Jul 18 7:26 AM
      Adam, you appear quite passionate about research and XP. Since this research
      clearly isn't up to your standard, or even necessary, would you suggest a
      few topics that may be worthy of further academic research? That may be
      more helpful than this dismissive approach you are taking.


      On Fri, Jul 17, 2009 at 10:56 PM, Adam Sroka <adam.sroka@...> wrote:

      > On Tue, Jul 14, 2009 at 10:48 PM, zdnfa<zdnfa@...> wrote:
      > >
      > >
      > >
      > > Dear all,
      > >
      > > Thanks for your comments on the topic, but I was a bit surprised at the
      > > extremism I saw about XP, something I don't think Kent Beck really meant
      > by
      > That's dangerously close to an ad hominem. No one here has said
      > anything that extreme thus far.
      > > I find it compulsory to develop XP if we are really XPers, and here I
      > want
      > > to expose what some of what we have found in a survey we conducted in
      > IADIS
      > > Informatics 2009 conference in Portugal.
      > > 1. 95.5 of the surveyed IT experts (taught, practiced, or at least have
      > good
      > > knowledge of XP) say knowledge sharing enhances software quality.
      > It's rare that 95.5% of people agree on anything. The term "knowledge
      > sharing" without further elucidation is vacuous. Those who promote
      > document-centric methods would consider what they are doing "knowledge
      > sharing" and believe that it "enhances quality." Most Agile proponents
      > believe the same thing about their own notion of "knowledge sharing."
      > Neither group necessarily believes that the other's method of
      > "knowledge sharing" is effective.
      > > 2. More than 80% said that we need both explicit and tacit knowledge
      > > sharing.
      > That agrees with a basic tenet of Agile. Tacit knowledge, by
      > definition, can't be shared in a document-centric way. We believe that
      > document-centric approaches are flawed and direct interpersonal
      > communication is necessary. The above statistic supports that.
      > However, explicit knowledge can be shared verbally as well as written
      > down. So, the need for explicit knowledge does not necessitate a
      > document-centric approach.
      > > 3. 68% said that an analysis phase will enhance explicit and tacit
      > knowledge
      > > sharing in XP.
      > I can't address that. If the question were posed to me I would refuse
      > to answer until I had sufficient definitions of "analysis phase" and
      > "knowledge sharing in XP". Assuming I knew what was being suggested, I
      > would have to try it alongside the existing practices to know if it
      > added anything or took anything away.
      > > So the modification we made is seen in the following figure:
      > >
      > > And we emphasized principles like:
      > > � Use always balanced pairs. Try to make the pair look like pair
      > developers
      > > rather than pair programmers.
      > I don't understand that. What is the difference between a "programmer"
      > and a "developer" in your estimation? How does one "balance" a pair?
      > Can I still work with someone who is substantially lighter or heavier
      > than I am? ;-)
      > > � Use rationalized documentation that keeps project within the control of
      > > the project manager or coach.
      > This statement scares me a lot. Project managers don't "control"
      > anything, nor should they try. That goes at least double for coaches.
      > In my experience, unless documentation provides some direct business
      > value it is usually wasteful. Even when it does provide value,
      > maintaining it is more expensive than most realize.
      > > � Perform one analysis phase per one release. This eases the job of the
      > > on-site-customer
      > How does this ease the job for the Customer? Is the Customer's job too hard
      > now?
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