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Soliciting contestants for Agile 2009's "Programming with the Stars"

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  • Jeff Nielsen
    That s right--based on the overwhelming success of last year s event, we will be repeating the Programming With the Stars competition at the Agile 2009
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 15, 2009
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      That's right--based on the overwhelming success of last year's
      event, we will be repeating the "Programming With the Stars"
      competition at the Agile 2009 conference in Chicago.

      We are currently soliciting both stars and regular contestants
      for the competition, which is loosely modeled on the popular TV
      Show, "Dancing with the Stars." The purpose of Programming with
      the Stars is to celebrate the art of programming, as well as to
      promote and recognize expert agile development skills.

      Contestants perform in pairs before a panel of judges and the
      audience on giant screens, with microphones capturing every
      sound. Given a time limit and a category, contestants display
      their prowess with skills like TDD, refactoring, and IDE
      shortcuts. One or more pairs is eliminated each day with a
      winner crowned on the final day of the conference.

      First prize is an engraved iPod for the two folks in the winning pair.

      So, if you

      - Are attending Agile 2009 in Chicago,

      - Have experience programming in one or more languages,

      - Will be at the conference Monday through Thursday, and
      available from 12:45 - 1:30 on those days (during part of the
      lunch break),

      - Have a competitive spirit, and

      - Feel passionate about agile development practices,

      please contact us at your earliest convenience. Our goal is to
      nail down the list of contestants in the next two weeks.


      Joshua Kerievsky <joshua@...>
      Jeff Nielsen <jeff@...>
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