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Call for Participation - ICSE Tutorial on Effective Measurement of the Software Process by Sillitti and Succi, 18th May 2009

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  • Prof.Ing.Giancarlo Succi
    Effective Measurement of the Software Process Tutorial of the 31st International Conference on Software Engineering Authors: Alberto Sillitti, Free University
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 30, 2009
      Effective Measurement of the Software Process

      Tutorial of the 31st International Conference on Software Engineering

      Alberto Sillitti, Free University of Bolzano, Italy;
      Giancarlo Succi, Free University of Bolzano, Italy

      Held on: Monday the 18th May 2009 (morning and afternoon) in Vancouver

      Measures supply essential data in all the different engineering
      disciplines. Such data enable and facilitate the understanding of how
      things work �in reality� and how to make changes to produce desired
      results. Often, it has been said that a solid and significant process
      improvement requires a sound measurement program.

      In software engineering, it is difficult to collect useful measures.
      Nearly always, metrics are collected manually with burden for software
      engineers (and consequently to managers) and manually collected data
      are often affected by errors, making them unusable. The scarcity of
      data makes also less valuable the limited data collected, as fewer
      comparisons can be drawn.

      Altogether, there is an apparent contradiction. On one side, managers
      and software engineers praise measures from a theoretical standpoint,
      while in practice the application of measurement is limited.

      Such contradiction is even more evident in the Agile Community. Agile
      Methods and lean management in general requires a solid measurement
      program. However, collecting metrics appears to be a non-directly
      productive activity, and, as such, it is often discarded both by
      managers and by software engineers.

      This behavior affects the ability of researchers and software
      companies to perform objective evaluations of the new development
      methods. For instance, it is still under investigation whether and in
      which areas Agile Methods (AMs) perform better than traditional ones.

      Measures are able to provide evidence to identify areas of
      applicability and a reason for managers to experiment AMs in their
      projects. However, it seams not possible to use the manual data
      collection in an effective way. Moreover this approach is against the
      principles of the AMs: developers have to focus only on the value for
      the customer, and metrics are not directly connected to it. For these
      reasons, a new generation of non-invasive metrics collection tools has
      been developed and can be used to collect data without any human effort.

      Early registration ends on April 11th, 2009

      To register: https://server2.regmaster3.com/conf/ICSE09/register.php

      Giancarlo Succi, PhD, PEng
      Professor and Director
      Center for Applied Software Engineering
      Faculty of Computer Science
      Free University of Bolzano/Bozen
      Mustergasse 4 Via della Mostra
      I-39100 Bozen/Bolzano, Italy
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