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Re: [XP] The SPeed of Trust (was Re: On occasionally dictating behavior)

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  • Tim Walker
    The speed of trust going is a lot faster than the speed of trust coming. TW
    Message 1 of 14 , Dec 23, 2008
      The speed of trust going is a lot faster than the speed of trust coming.


      On Sun, Dec 21, 2008 at 2:07 PM, Mike Coon <mcoon1961@...> wrote:
      > Especially the first increment can be difficult. For one of the pilots I
      > started a couple of months ago - it became apparent about three days into
      > the iteration that we were in trouble schedule wise. The initial response
      > was to abandon Scrum, we had a long meeting where I used the "Painful
      > talking" technique, explaining that in our normal process we would not have
      > even looked at the project yet to know we had an issue. Over and over we
      > have uncovered problems to solve, and often had to explain again that
      > agility has simply been the bearer of bad news - not the cause.
      > The upside is that we've been able to start fixing a lot of old issues that
      > had been hidden just enough to stay low-priority.
      > Mike
      > On Sun, Dec 21, 2008 at 2:00 PM, Brad Appleton
      > <Brad.Appleton@...>wrote:
      >> Mike Coon wrote:
      >> > I'm new at this for Scrum/XP, but I find myself in a listening/talking
      >> loop
      >> > until everybody understands and agrees; or they decide that listening to
      >> me
      >> > is more painful than doing whatever I am talking about. The biggest
      >> > thing
      >> > is building trust and showing improvement from iteration to iteration.
      >> Thanks for the perspective Mike. Yes - I agree, the biggest thing is
      >> indeed that (tho I might add that building trust incrementally also
      >> involves giving trust incrementally, and that at some point it has to
      >> start with giving trust long enough for the first increment to build it)
      >> Has anyone seen Steven Covey's latest work on "The Speed of Trust"?
      >> (www.speedoftrust.com). Ive been listening to it on audiobook during my
      >> commute, and it shares a LOT of things in common with Agile philosophy.
      >> For starters, he begins the book with the thesis that lack of trust
      >> costs [significant] time and money, and then gives several examples of
      >> both. Then he spends most of the rest of the book talking about "layers"
      >> (or "waves") of trust, and how to build and (responsibly) maintain it,
      >> I liked the "waves" of trust he describes:
      >> 1. self-trust
      >> 2. relationship-trust
      >> 3. organizational-trust
      >> 4. market-trust
      >> 5. global
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