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Agile Software Development in Science Daily

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  • Keith Ray
    http://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2008/08/080819160419.htm Agile Approach Slashes Software Development Time ScienceDaily (Aug. 25, 2008) — Results of the
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      Agile Approach Slashes Software Development Time

      ScienceDaily (Aug. 25, 2008) — Results of the EUREKA ITEA software
      Cluster AGILE project make it possible for European manufacturers to
      develop high quality embedded software in markedly shorter times and
      at much lower costs than possible with traditional techniques.

      Applying the approach to 68 pilot case studies in industries from
      avionics and telecommunications to consumer electronics, the project
      demonstrated clearly that 'agile' methodology can lead to massive
      improvements in embedded software engineering. Suitable tooling was
      also demonstrated to simplify application of the agile approach. As a
      result, much more software development can be carried out cost
      effectively in Europe rather than being outsourced to Asia.


      "The amount of software is growing very rapidly and it is increasingly
      difficult to find the people and resources necessary to develop it
      all," explains Dr Pekka Abrahamsson of project coordinator VTT
      Technical Research Centre in Finland.


      "Agile is a new paradigm for software development that emerged around
      eight years ago in the USA," says Dr Abrahamsson. "When we started the
      ITEA project in 2004, we did not know whether this new methodology
      could be exploited for embedded software in avionics,
      telecommunications, automotive and consumer electronics."


      EUREKA labelling was sought for the project because the eight-country
      consortium involved had a strong industrial commitment. "EUREKA
      projects involve a lot less bureaucracy than with the EU Framework
      Programme projects," points out Dr Abrahamsson. "Moreover, over three
      years, the world changes and with EUREKA, you can change the direction
      of the project, meeting better the demands of the industrial partners
      – this is the clear advantage of EUREKA. In addition, ITEA offers a
      community that meets on a yearly basis and people get to know each
      other; I think both industry and academia find this big networking
      element strengthens their capabilities."


      Some 68 pilot developments were carried out involving 1800 software
      engineers from 17 companies in short and long projects. "We showed we
      could actually achieve up to 70% reduction in lead time and costs,"
      says Dr Abrahamsson. "If these results could be sustained in the
      larger area of European software development, it would be cheaper to
      outsource from India to Europe than the other way round!"

      AGILE also succeeded in developing 12 tools that enable the use of
      these ideas. Three of these tools are ready for commercialisation
      since the end of the project; and the ATO tool from Belgian partner
      E2S is already being marketed. Moreover, several partners – such as
      Nokia – have now taken up the 'agile mode' within their companies,
      which means their whole production is transformed.


      C. Keith Ray, IXP Coach, Industrial Logic, Inc.
      http://industriallogic.com 866-540-8336 (toll free)
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