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Re: [XP] Collocated vs Dispersed...which is better?

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  • Jon Eaves
    ... No it s not. I ve just spent 2 years in the all things being equal . It wasn t fantasy, but it certainly wasn t pretty. I was in a very fortunate
    Message 1 of 471 , Aug 2, 2008
      John A. De Goes wrote:
      > Hi Ron,

      >> We are saying that all other things being equal (which they never
      >> are), we think collocation is always better. Most of us think that
      >> even with most things equal, it's better.
      > "All things being equal," is a fantasy world inhabited by no one and
      > contradicted by the very differences between distributed and
      > collocated development. But I do appreciate the point you're making:
      > in general, it's much less risky and much more productive to
      > collocate, a position with which I heartily agree. Whereas that's
      > where most people doing agile stop (which I think is a good thing, by
      > the way), that's where I begin, asking the question, "How can we make
      > distributed development a viable alternative to collocated
      > development, in a way that preserves the unique benefits of
      > distribution?"

      No it's not. I've just spent 2 years in the "all things being equal".
      It wasn't fantasy, but it certainly wasn't pretty. I was in a very
      fortunate position to validate many things I thought were true in the
      first place. It was a nice application of science.

      > Some people seem to be very hostile toward distributed development.
      > Which is surprising to me, because in most instances, contributors to
      > this group avoid sweeping generalizations, emphasize that each
      > situation needs to be analyzed and dealt with independently, and look
      > for value in practices deemed outside the agile norm. But not here
      > (with some notable exceptions). It seems the attitude is more, "It
      > could never possible work well, it's inferior in every single way
      > under all circumstances, it sucks, and you could do a lot better."

      I'm not hostile at all. I was contributing to a discussion with real
      world information. Not anecdotes, not wishing and hoping. If you have
      some real world information that shows the opposite specifically relating
      to a team that is distributed and colocated, share them with me. I'd
      love to expand my world view.

      -- jon

      Jon Eaves <jon@...>
      Co-Author of "Apache Tomcat Bible", "Professional Tomcat 5", "Beginning JavaServer Pages"
    • Keith Ray
      By the way, Classes and Objects referring to patterns of electrical charges in modern day CPU and Memory chips (or past and future equivalents) is a
      Message 471 of 471 , Sep 8, 2008
        By the way, "Classes" and "Objects" referring to patterns of
        electrical charges in modern day CPU and Memory chips (or past and
        future equivalents) is a metaphor too.

        C. Keith Ray, IXP Coach, Industrial Logic, Inc.
        http://industriallogic.com 866-540-8336 (toll free)
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