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XPDay London 2008 submission process

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  • Keith Braithwaite
    All, If you want to propose a session for XP Day London 08 (and I hope that you do), then here s what you need to do. We want the conference to be largely
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 24, 2008

      If you want to propose a session for XP Day London '08 (and I hope that you do), then
      here's what you need to do.

      We want the conference to be largely self–organizing this year, so the submission process
      is suitably light weight.

      _Experience Reports_
      Please send a very brief outline of your report to submissions2008@... You will
      receive a URL to a google document. Make sure that you include an email address
      corresponding to a google account (or let us know if the address you send from is the one
      to use). The document will be writeable by you and the committee and all other
      submitters. Develop your report there. As in past years we invite the community to
      collaborate together to help maximize the quality of all submissions. After the close of
      submissions the committee will make a selection of experience reports to be presented at
      the conference. The selected reports will be shepherded between acceptance and the

      _Conference Sessions_
      Most of the duration of the conference (other than experience reports) will be OpenSpace.
      There will be Lightning Talks early in the day where people can publicize topics that they
      would like to discuss. We encourage people to engage in this way. There will be optional
      rehearsals at XtC in the weeks running up to the conference. You do not need to attend
      these to make a lightening talk at the conference. If you would like to have such a
      rehearsal, send a title and a google account email address to submissions2008@...
      You will be allocated to a rehearsal slot. We invite groups outside London to schedule
      rehearsals too, and are happy to help with scheduling those. There will be a google
      calendar with the slots shown.

      Some kinds of session can benefit from some preparation of materials and some logistics
      on the day. For example, a workshop involving some sort of server, or extensive materials.
      There will be a limited number of time slots during the conference for such sessions.
      Please submit a brief outline to submissions2008@... indicting an email address
      associated with a google account. You will be sent the URL of a google document within
      which to develop your proposal in collaboration with other submitters. After the close of
      submissions these proposals will be assessed by the committee and suitable sessions will
      be selected for the program.

      We have decided to extend the submission period, so submissions for experience reports,
      rehearsals and programmed sessions now closes on Friday August 8th 2008.

      This year we want to de–emphasize sessions introducing Agile or Scrum or XP or TDD or...
      and promote topics of current interest to practitioners. We want the conference to be a
      forum in which the state of the art is advanced. That doesn't mean that only experts are
      welcome, or welcome to present. Experts have their failure modes, simple seeming
      contributions from journeymen often reveal the essence.

      If you have any queries about this process, please post a comment to http://peripateticaxiom.blogspot.com/2008/06/xpday-london-session-submission-

      All are welcome, get your thinking caps on!

      Keith Braithwaite
      Programme Chair, XPDay London 2008
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