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Re: [XP] acceptance tests for C/C++

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  • John Roth
    The FitNesse site is www.fitnesse.org The FIT site is fit.c2.com There is a separate mailing list for FitNesse, named, rather obviously, Fitnesse, here at
    Message 1 of 11 , May 27, 2008
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      The FitNesse site is www.fitnesse.org
      The FIT site is fit.c2.com

      There is a separate mailing list for FitNesse,
      named, rather obviously, Fitnesse, here at

      The direct answer is that FitNesse is an IDE,
      it invokes a language dependent runner (FIT) as a
      separate process. It comes with a Java runner,
      other language runners, including the C/C++
      runner, are separate projects that are referenced
      from the site.

      There is also an excellent book that explains the
      entire setup in detail.

      John Roth
      Python FIT

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      Subject: RE: [XP] acceptance tests for C/C++


      Interesting stuff. Could you recommend a pointer to some more information
      on communicating from FitNesse to a separate process running C++ code? I'm
      still wrapping my head around the structure of what FitNesse is really doing
      and would rather read up someplace then dive in to that here.

      What kind of build setup do you use with that multi-target focused test
      arrangement? I love the idea and will no doubt bang something like it in to
      shape. But it does seem like it would be cumbersome to get going up front.

      - Mike

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      Subject: Re: [XP] acceptance tests for C/C++

      CppUTest is probably the latest of the many unit testing tools. It gets
      about as close as you can (IMHO) to the convenience of JUnit. So, it's the
      one we use most these days for unit testing.


      One technique we have used is to communicate from FitNesse to a separate
      process running the C++ code. This can work very well for acceptance testing
      server code that exposes a web service interface, sockets, etc.
      On the idea of scripting, you might consider Lua or Tcl, which were designed
      (more or less) for scripting C and C++ apps. I believe there are other
      non-windows scripting toolkits that use C and C++ as the language, but I
      can't recall their names now.

      For continuous integration, as well as for fast TDD test, pass, refactor
      cycles, we often have lots of little build targets, one for each unit test
      class (or maybe a few of them), what ever it takes to minimize the cycle
      time. These targets minimize the extraneous stuff that gets built and

      Dean Wampler
      Object Mentor, Inc.

      On Thu, May 22, 2008 at 1:41 PM, Kim Gräsman <kim.grasman@...> wrote:

      > Hi Steve,
      > On Thu, May 22, 2008 at 7:21 PM, Steve Ropa
      > <theropas2@...<theropas2%40comcast.net>>
      > wrote:
      > >
      > > I just accepted a job leading a team of C/C++ developers. They have been
      > > doing the best they can in going Agile, and are asking me to take it to
      > the
      > > next level. Now as I look at their (our) pain points so far, I see that
      > one
      > > of the first practices I want to work on is continuous integration. Is
      > > there anything anyone can recommend to me as a Fit-like tool that works
      > with
      > > C/C++?
      > There's a C++ implementation for Fit at [1]. I've tried to get my head
      > around it once or twice, but it never worked out for me. Mostly
      > because I was never able to apply Fit for our application, for a
      > number of reasons. I think it depends a lot on the code base and the
      > domain if this will work out well.
      > In this context, the primary weakness of C++ as a language/environment
      > is the lack of reflection features, so "loose" automation generally
      > becomes more difficult.
      > Hope that helps,
      > - Kim
      > [1] http://fitnesse.org/FitServers.CppFit.CppTestTools

      Dean Wampler

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