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[ANN] Trust in Software Development

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  • Clarke Ching
    Charles Green is the author of one of my favourite Agile books, Trust Based
    Message 1 of 1 , May 26, 2008
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      Charles Green <http://trustedadvisor.com/trustmatters/> is the author of one
      of my favourite "Agile" books, Trust Based
      Sure, it's a book about selling, but it's far, far more than that. I
      believe that "trust" is one of the key outputs of an agile process. The
      book helped me think about trust in a commercial context. I recommend that
      everyone who truly believes that they are "agile" read it.

      Charles has very kindly asked me to host next month's Carnival of
      It's the carnival's one year anniversary.

      The Carnival normally includes the following areas:

      - Trust in Sales and Marketing;
      - Trust in Leadership and Management;
      - Trust in Strategy, Economics and Politics; and,
      - Trust in Advising and Influencing.

      This time around I am adding a 5th category: *Trust in Software and Product

      I already have a few submissions but if you'd like to suggest an article,
      blog entry or "other" to be included in June's Carnival then please submit
      them here <http://blogcarnival.com/bc/submit_1693.html> (by this Friday).
      I'd also appreciate it if you email me too: clarke.ching@....

      Thanks everyone,


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