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Re: [XP] Syncing developers and designers

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  • Steven Campbell
    I used to work in a similar environment, where the design of the website was completely driven by the designers. I wouldn t call it waterfall exactly - but
    Message 1 of 3 , May 12, 2008
      I used to work in a similar environment, where the design of the
      website was completely driven by the designers. I wouldn't call it
      waterfall exactly - but from the designer's perspective, iterations
      cost money. Given that, its not surprising that they do not want to
      revisit things too often. A good design firm will be upfront with the
      client about this. My experience is also that they provide basic CSS
      and HTML.

      My advice: For most websites, there are only a few page layouts. Let
      the designers design those layout templates, and then work within that
      structure for the site-content.


      On Mon, May 12, 2008 at 4:38 AM, gwynatdezyne <mail@...> wrote:
      > Hi -
      > We're using an XP approach to build web applications (using Ruby On
      > Rails). We have only coders, not graphics/UI guys, so we work with one
      > of several design firms on each project. Their deliverables are
      > generally photoshop files of completed pages, which we turn into
      > XHTML+CSS and apply to our unstyled code-driven pages.
      > Probably due to the nature of their work, we've found design firms
      > tend to favour a top-heavy waterfall approach, using upfront design
      > and all-at-once delivery and signoff.
      > The best approach we've got so far is:
      > Before starting iterations:
      > 1) Do the user stories and release plan
      > 2) Wireframe as little as possible, but as much as necessary for the
      > designers to get their heads around the scope of the site. Do a site map.
      > 3) Give the designers a "head start", potentially of a couple of
      > weeks, to build the overall look-and-feel of the site, sort out the
      > navigation, etc.
      > In each iteration:
      > 1) Ideally, work alongside the designers, taking a single story from
      > "not started" to "completed and fully styled" in one iteration.
      > 2) Where that's not possible, create separate stories for "create
      > designs for feature X", "write code for feature X", and "apply design
      > to code for feature X". Ideally these wouldn't be more than one
      > iteration apart, and the number of unstyled features would be minimised.
      > Is anyone in a similar situation?
      > Cheers,
      > Gwyn.

      Steve Campbell
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